Troubador Mr ByTheWay

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784624460

Format: Paperback

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Mr ByTheWay

His memories of four and a half careers and myriad odd jobs turned into an entertainment


These are the memoirs of actor and lecturer Peter Davidson, whose career spanned several decades and many fascinating events. Peter was born in Cheshire during World War 2, just a couple of miles from the Liverpool docks, at a time when the Luftwaffe were constantly overhead. He was evacuated to Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, where he spent many happy years growing up with friends, family and Chantry, a splendid Labrador retriever. After spells at a Skegness boarding school a degree from Glasgow University and a post-graduate degree from the Courtland Institute of Art with Anthony Blunt, Peter was appointed as the Head of Art History and Complementary Studies at West Sussex College of Art, followed by lecturing for London and the Open University as well as a variety of prestigious art schools. Throughout this time, however, Peter also worked as an actor, working on films with Roman Polanski, Hitchcock, Glenda Jackson, Spike Milligan, and sharing a car to Pinewood studios with Anthony Hopkins. He later founded his own company – Magic Carpet Productions, producing over fifty titles of spoken English cassettes and videos. An Invitation to Contemporary Art has been sold at Tate Modern consistently for 20 years. A man of many parts, Mr ByTheWay is Peter’s autobiography – a potpourri of careers and odd jobs that have made the man, along with a selection of enticing photographs. Throughout, Peter’s abiding passion for writing shines through, making this a fascinating and amusing entertainment for readers who enjoy a interesting memoir.

This interesting and amusing book was a pleasant surprise. Peter Davidson’s pathway in life is so diverse; it certainly was a page-turner.

His portrayal of Willie Baxter, The Scots Porridge Oats man, surely one of the UK’s much-loved TV adverts, conjured up fond childhood memories.

Peter’s eloquent and comical prose takes you on a passage of intrigue and laughter.
The early chapters present the reader with a warm insight into Peter’s evolving sense of character and persona.

Mr By The Way magically juggles his roles as an actor, academic & tour guide, demonstrating how versatile one needs to be in the world of equity.

His passionate determination is evident when he also turns his wonder of exploration into a successful series of travel guides that really were ahead of the game.

Mr By The Way is a magic carpet escapade that is an inspiration for all artists and actors.
He’s a ‘Fine Figure of a Man’, Peter Davidson

by Pip Bateman

This is an entertaining romp of a book, in which Peter Davidson takes us at a gallop through the incredibly varied jobs, activities, and events that have dotted his life, providing gist both funny and touching for his poems, and a cornucopia of amusing anecdotes for his immense talents as a storyteller. Within a beautifully produced book, lively illustrations enhance the pleasure of the narrative as the reader is led along the twisting path of our artistic and cultural life over the past decades. The style is delightfully light, humorous, full of witty asides: altogether a good read and a fun book.

by Joanne Collie

A fascinating account of Mr Davidson's journey through his life and career with many colourful stories along the way.
MrByeTheWay captivates the reader at every turn of the page with his vibrant and humorous recollections. A book that one cannot put down once started, always wondering where his story will go next- a compelling autobiography from the very first page. sit down and enjoy!
Stella Fergusom of Flutatious

by Stella Ferguson

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