Troubador Mother is it Worth it?

Released: 28/10/2019

eISBN: 9781838599744

Format: eBook

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Mother is it Worth it?


Mother is it Worth it? Is a hilarious, heartwarming and deeply emotional memoir which seeks to explore two questions. Firstly, if it’s sensible to leave prosperous careers in suburbia and move to an idyllic spot in the countryside to enjoy an unstructured, unusual life, which leads to the realisation of what is really important for a contented existence.

Secondly, what would you do if a beloved family member becomes ill with a long-term disability, and you feel unable to place them in residential care?

The book looks at how Rusley Turner and her husband resolved these questions, in an inspiring recollection of caring for a relative with a mental illness, with sundry other snippets about their lives including moving to the Welsh Outback. It will appeal to readers who are thinking about, or already caring for a loved one, or those considering a change of pace in life.

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