Troubador Memoirs... From a Council Estate

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838593735

eISBN: 9781838595784

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Memoirs... From a Council Estate


Born in Huddersfield in 1961 to parents Frederick and Jean, Graham Buckley grew up living on a council estate. Now, he looks back on his youth in Memoirs… From a Council Estate, a hilarious collection of the ridiculous japes and outrageous situations Graham encountered.

With tales of dangerous games that would make parents wince, playing pranks on his pals and schoolyard scuffles, Graham fondly remembers his childhood and his side-splitting misadventures. Readers follow his story as he enters adolescence and adulthood, with the world of work and marriage providing equally humorous encounters.

With characters ranging from the funny to the unbelievable, Memoirs… From a Council Estate is a laugh-out-loud trip down memory lane, perfect for fans of nostalgia and readers who grew up in the area.


Excellent read, full of funny moments and observations. I can thoroughly recommend and it is also a piece of social history recording growing up in Huddersfield

by Marc Sleigh

It is definitely a laugh a minute.
Great book , funny and can be read by anyone from anywhere , any age . A real trip down memory lane . Excellent read

by Chris

Couldn’t put the book down .. growing up for me wasn’t as exciting .
Interesting and funny !! Wonder what they are all doing now ?

by Winnie

I’ve just finished this book, and what a treat it has been to read!
Buckley creates a picture of the not so distant past, full of humour, without getting over nostalgic and bogged down in ‘the good old days’ sentimentality.
A promise of laugh out loud moments is guaranteed, along with one touching moment where the author, with the benefit of hindsight, apologises for things done, he is now not so proud of.
Memoirs... is one of those rare gems of a book that will stay with you for some time.

by Peter Berry

Well done Graham! This book made us laugh out loud many times and was just the tonic we needed during these strange times. Have to say you’ve done amazingly well to survive some of the incidents you describe. Look forward to the next one!

by Ali Moxon-Smith

Lovely visit down memory lane even if you were not there. Stories to make you laught, smile or cringe at what the outcome could have been. A good read.

by Paul.

I read this book from cover to cover in 4 hours and laughed all the way through as I think anyone who grew up in that era would.
After all who didn't make an underground den. I believe that coming from the area and knowing a large amount of the characters in the book enhances the read but anyone would find the stories entertaining.
Loved the book great read.

by Robert Wareham

Excellent read, from start to finish, real belly laughs all the way, great people come from all walks of life, it shows no matter your background

by Mick Slavin

When reading this book it brought back a lot of my childhood growing up myself on a large council estate and brought back dormant memories that put a smile to my face this book is a fantastic read and hope there is a book no2 in my opinion this is 5 star well done graham

by Mark

A book full of short sharp memories, and a reminder of what growing up was like for some of us, of a similar age.
Once I started, I didn't put it down and read it in one go . . . . and there's no pictures.

by Martin

Graham’s funny trip down memory lane sparked my own memories of a time from the 70’s to today. Graham’s own stories of a time of innocent pranks constrained by no rules of health and safety take you back to a different era when you made your own games without the reliance of a computer. It highlights the human bonds created by those pranks and the memories that people create together. A feel good fun read.

by Richard Spychalski

Wow. What a book. I know some of the characters in this book, never realised Graham had such a colourful childhood. Highly recommend. Brilliant LOL moments throughout the book. Can't wait for the next one GB!

by Richard Holmes

Easy read - funny and scary in equal measure.
Don’t know how they ever survived to tell the tale!!
Great insight into life on a council estate where friendships were formed and memories can now be shared.
Left me wanting to

by Barbara

“I’ve written a book”, he told me..... I knew I had to get it and I’m so glad I did. Many wonderful stories - some that make you shake your head, some you have lived yourself and some that you just make you laugh out loud. Well done Graham, I can’t wait for the sequel.....

by Paul Kenny

Fantastic read. Really enjoyed this book

by Jane Mullany

Easy read - funny and scary in in equal amounts
Great insight into life on a council estate where friendships were formed and memories are now shared.
Left me wanting to read more

by Barbara

Well done Graham - a humorous and nostalgic trip down memory lane. It’s a miracle you survived in one piece with some of the scrapes you got into!!

by Louise

An absolute MUST READ. I can’t put this book down! The tales have me in stitches and are so well written. Amazing job.

by J

This was excellent - I literally laughed out loud so many times reading it.

Memoirs from a Council Estate had me putting my hand over my mouth at the scrapes and japes Graham Buckley and his friends got, in particular, the horse sugar incident really had me laughing.

A really easy and funny read.

by NetGalley review

Yes this book is over just as it starts..yes it is a little jumbled...yes there is no real plot or character development and yes I laughed out loud for the first time in a very long time whilst reading a book! Like properly laughed out loud on more than one occasion. This series of short anecdotes is a little naughty and very funny. Graham Buckley does a great job at sharing these funny stories, from growing up on a council estate to away days with the football team to first jobs and workplace banter. I think this book would be even more so appreciated by people of a similar age as the author ( dare I admit I had to google Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Lyrics) A lot of the tales reminded me of my crazy uncle who has a similar stash of hilarious stories from his own life, I may just have to buy him a copy to see what he thinks.

by NetGalley review

If you grew up on a council estate in the '60s and '70s (regardless of where in the country it was), you'll recognise the characters and situations in this witty memoir.

by NetGalley review

An edgy realistic book taking the reader through a harsh but real read ... at times shocking tales of growing up.

by NetGalley review

Well, this book appealed to me having grown up on a council estate myself, albeit decades later....getting into many a mischief similar.

Ok so the book isn’t written as a literary masterpiece. There are no chapters, and there are too many commas.......however..... it is Rip-roaringly funny, nostalgia inducing and entertaining. It hasn’t been written to become the next Pulitzer Prize winner, just a pure recount of the author’s childhood days and a recount of the funny escapades he got up to with his mates.

I was laughing out loud until I cried in so many places! The author certainly has a knack for telling a story and genuinely I was chuckling away so much that my husband kept asking me what was so funny and to read bits out to him. The book only took me about an hour and a half to read, and is a genuine, hilarious and raw recount of some of his best and wildest moments. I feel like I would love to join Graham down the pub for a pint, and laugh till I cried at his stories. If you want a hilarious and nostalgic trip down memory lane, to entertain you even for an hour then this will definitely cut the mustard. I was going to award three stars but I laughed so much I’ve upped it to a four. Thanks Graham !

by NetGalley review

This book was laugh out loud funny. I loved the authors interjections that were a bit a-la Wayne’s World. Even though I grew up in America many years after this English story takes place I could still find myself relating. This is a great quick read that will have you laughing and wishing their was video footage of the exploits.

by NetGalley review

I was that lad from Huddersfield!
Hilarious and scary.
A great read and something we’ll be talking about in the pub for a long more time to come!

by Nadio Granata

Comedic Tales of the Unexpected!
Misspent ...Well spent youth
Not very "woke" by todays standards, just an honest reflection of times past
Read this from cover to cover in one sitting,laugh out loud moments
Graham is a natural Comic
Well worth a read..BUY ONE !!

by Richard Wright

I love the way that he went chumping
For bonfire night
Then the people that was in one school and he got some friends
Then he was older he got a job with a clothing company
I loved the book

by Angela

A quick and easy read about living on a Huddersfield council estate. The vivid glue like memories of being a council estate kid. Easy to read and would recommend.

by NetGalley review

A great trip down memory lane, funny but scary too. We must have been nuts. This book had me in stitches and i read it pretty quick.

by NetGalley review

Great read, had me in stitches from start to finish. The crazy part is that it's all true.

by Ben

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