Troubador Mary had Stretch Marks

Released: 01/10/2013

ISBN: 9781783060382

Format: Paperback

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Mary had Stretch Marks

Honesty in friendship is feckin’ great


Are you up for a bit of honesty? Miriam Connor is a middle-aged Irish mum who is widowed and wondering where to find answers to life. This is entry-level enlightenment; her measure of a guru is whether they have fun at parties. Mary Had Stretch Marks is an ordinary and sometimes irreverent take on the truth; a story of seeking friendship that cuts through any baggage to find what is true, ‘farts and all’. “I love how raw honesty builds trust. The missing ingredient for me, in made-it-through stories, is angst. The authors’ personal angst is often shed by the time the book is written. Yet a bucketload of angst is usually the reason I picked that book up, looking for answers. I find myself searching for subtext of the person’s messy bits – not to drag them down to my level, but in the hope that there is a chance I can get up to theirs. In Mary Had Stretch Marks, I have left my angst in. “We moved to Scotland in 2006. My ex-neighbours ask me, ‘What is different about you? You look really happy and peaceful.’ Living close to the Findhorn Foundation, I have had the privilege of attending workshops such as Patch Adams and many more. My old neighbours notice a difference in me, and they are hungry to know my secret. I want to share what worked for me, while softening the jargon and having a laugh. I set out to write a book that would speak their language.” Mary Had Stretch Marks is a raw and honest autobiography that explores the power of honest friendship. The first half of the book is about Miriam and her husband’s journey through his diagnosis of cancer. The second half is her continuing search to discern truth. Miriam believes that honest, belly-laughing friendship is one of the best catalysts to help us change whatever is in the way of us being happy. Her book, which has been inspired by Robin Norwood’s Women Who Love Too Much, will appeal to fans of autobiographies and memoirs.

The Nation's Voice

Mary Had Stretch Marks is a labour of love by Miriam Connor, who is Dublin-born, a mother of three, and someone whom I had the pleasure of meeting last August in Forres, Scotland, where she lives. In this, her first book, she chronicles the cancer diagnosis, illness and eventual loss of her dear husband, Shay, and the grieving and healing process she and her small children endured when his death left her a widow and them without their beloved daddy. Miriam possesses an openness and charm uncommon to most and writes with clarity, humour, keen insight, optimism, and the wisdom of first-hand experience. She has a deep compassion for others and specifically voices her desire to reach the wives who may be standing at their kitchen sinks right now wondering if there is something more out there. Mrs. Connor is a new and exciting Irish author and Mary Had Stretch Marks is a memoir any reader should buy fast, read voraciously, and cherish forever.

by Terry Gibson

If you want a real account of how life can be and not just the fluffy bits…..then read this..

Raw and honest and I loved it. Life isn't a bed of roses, but we need to take the time to smell them once in a while. The journey that the author has gone on with her children without a husband and them without their father is a hard one. But I love the way that she has captured ways in which to help us, by writing the book, deal with certain things that come up. Its real with icky bits. Who on earth wants to tell you about all the messy bits and all the things that go wrong? Mistakes that are made and the odd slip up is completely about learning and moving forward. I hope the realness of this book helps you to have the sence of “okay, I see what’s going on here”, learn from it and keep moving forward. Love, grief, anger and fun is a part of life and although it is very tough we manage it the best way we can especially when there are little people involved. This book has made me laugh, cry, nod, shake my head, laugh a bit more and cry a bit more.

by vicky

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