Troubador Love Never Ends

Released: 28/05/2020

ISBN: 9781838594343

Format: Paperback

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Love Never Ends

A Journey Through Bereavement and Grief


This book is about the death of my wife earlier this year and my struggle to come to terms with the loss and to cope with the grief. It is about my wife's death and how that event affected changes in me. It tells of my attempts to face up to the grief I experienced over the eight months since her passing. It had to be written spontaneously, as it came to me, so that my feelings, emotions and grief were all recorded accurately. As a result, much of it was written at strange times of day and often in the middle of the night! It is written from the heart and, I confess, without particular consideration or thought given to the prospective reader. It has not been tailored to influence sales. I have written it primarily for myself and, as such, it has turned out to be excellent therapy for me. The book will hopefully give the reader a clear message that love is the key ingredient in a happy life and beyond the grave. I would also like to think that my experience of once again finding my faith in The Almighty will give some food for thought. There are a few useful suggestions that can be gleaned from the book together with some hints at pitfalls that may await the grieving person.. I had several objectives when I decided to write this book. Firstly, I wanted to have an accurate record of what I did, what I felt like, my emotions and my behaviour during the immediate weeks and months after my wife's death. Secondly, I wanted to let other people, friends and family, know how I was making the journey through my grief. Thirdly, I wanted to let others know how I had found the strength to cope with my grief through God and through love, I am convinced that I have personally come a long way towards achieving that goal.

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