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Released: 12/09/2017

eISBN: 9781788030656

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Life In Corporate Enterprise


This novel is an irreverent, spicy, provocative and satirical tale of one man’s life and his work within Corporate Enterprise. From observing the curious behaviour of others to the Rabelaisian portrayal of his adventures during a long and undistinguished career. The corruptive influences, the inefficiencies, the business relationships, the hedonistic and sexually-charged environment, the nefarious morals and the sordid secrets behind the glitzy Corporate façade.

From a man’s humble beginnings within a working-class Scottish environment and through his meteoric rise to the very bowels of Corporate business. This book invites you to stop taking yourself – and life – so seriously. Life is for living and laughing. You may recognise your boss – yourself? Quite possibly. A rollercoaster of a ride, it cocks a prominent middle finger at the establishment, the shallowness of modern life, politicians, celebrities, pretentious and affected careerists. Are you bold enough to step inside and laugh at yourself? Can you respect the opinion of others even whilst you vigorously disagree? Can you steel yourself to put down your chick-lit or that crime thriller and immerse yourself in something…different?

This is a Marmite book. Some will frown or be incensed by the occasional inflammatory and controversial comment. Others may smile or even laugh. Perhaps, even a tear or two will be shed. For a select few, testicles may shrivel. Even some men will feel nervous, too. Smile…I dare you! There – that wasn’t so bad, was it? It’s not for the faint-hearted. If you don’t fancy a giggle or are easily offended – please look away now.

Hi and many thanks for visiting my page. It's always been my ambition to produce a novel. Until recently, and like many others, I've never had the time nor the opportunity. I began to think about the subject matter. I'm an avid reader. Sometimes, I read a story and think 'not too bad - a bit disappointing - I could maybe, just maybe do that.' Then, I come across a book so magnificent that it takes my breath away. There are so many talented authors out there who inspire with their words and wonderful use of our beautiful language. So, there was a glaring realisation that I couldn't aspire to those giddy heights. I mean, why try to compete with an Ian Rankin, a Denise Mina or a Val McDermid? Therefore, in collaboration with my good friend, Peter Quirk, we had to identify what we had in our armoury to produce a book that may interest others. Pool our areas of expertise. We looked at one another, there was a thirty-minute silence, then we went to the pub. We discussed some ideas and strategies and moved a few beer mats around for inspiration. Interestingly, the more beer that we consumed, the cleverer and funnier we became. The next morning, in the cold light of day and after regular visits to the gents, we were stumped. Then, Peter began to talk about his peculiar experiences within Corporate Enterprise and an idea started to develop. At this point, both of our in-built prat detectors kicked in. Every child in the West of Scotland is born with this device. The Big Yin just happened to grab the deluxe model. Why not share my friend's business adventures and his life exploits in general? We've had remarkably similar lives and careers. It's just that he's a fruitcake and I'm normal. The book has its flaws, I have no doubt, but, if it makes some smile, that will do for us. And, it might – just might – compel others to think, before announcing…

‘We are where we are.’

‘Let’s go after that low-hanging fruit.’


‘I’ll reach out to you.’

‘As far as I’m aware…’

‘My colleague informed me…’

‘Let’s run it up the flagpole.’

‘We need to get off this burning platform.’

‘We’re on a journey!’

‘What can you bring to the table?’

If so, the world will be a better place. We sincerely hope that this book will give you a giggle or two. Please feel free to leave a review. Keep it clean, please. Thank you.

A humorous quirky novel which engages the reader. Excellent characterisation and unexpected twists and turns of events within it. Easy and enjoyable to read with many references to music, politicians and celebrities on the book's journey; expressed vividly by the author. A worthwhile read for group discussion. Reasonably priced and ideal in eBook format.

by Yramesor Erytnicam

The author manages to take the reader 'on a journey' through life in corporate enterprise. He could not have brought anything 'more to the table' …… perhaps 'looking forward' there could be a sequel.
Great read, can't remember the last time that I laughed out loud.

by Bernie Spalding

Great novel which I can recommend to anyone in corporate enterprise. The author is holding up a mirror and for your sure you will recognise yourself. The transcription of a conference call is hilarious.

by Edwin van Kalkeren

Easy to read - with a quirky style of writing - very funny in parts - it will appeal to anyone who has ever worked in business. Slightly rambling in parts but overall a good read.

by Amazon review

An entertaining book written in a humorous , quirky style. Easy to read and with super colourful character portrayals and amusing incidents throughout. Hope this new author will continue to write further material.

by Goodreads review

A thoroughly entertaining read. Whether you have worked in the Corporate world or not, you will find this hilarious as the author has a unique style of writing which makes this a must read book. Readers of a certain age will have a nostagic trip down memory lane with the musical references. Would highly recommend.

by Annette Barnes

Peter Queen

A normal man. An abnormal mind.

Peter Queen
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