Troubador Learning Curves

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784625504

eISBN: 9781785894084

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Learning Curves


Despite following medical advice to the letter, as well as having been told by her doctor that all was well, Helen was faced with Grade 3 breast cancer at the age of 48, already at Stage 2 on discovery. The series of surgeries and treatments that followed eventually culminated in a double mastectomy, but this potentially gruelling walk back to health was taken with God, with grace and with some unexpected surprises and delights, ‘pearls’ which were too good to keep to herself. Learning Curves is a memoir in two parts. The first part, ‘Learning Curves and Pearls’, describes her passage through a potentially fatal illness – a journey in faith and frailty towards a positive outcome. The second part, ‘Learning Curves and Lollipops’, describes the difficult pathway back to physical wholeness, including coming to terms with a new body and some growth and differences in outlook. This process was accompanied by sweet treats that she came to think of as ‘lollipops from the Lord’.Helen’s journey back to health contained many soul-searching decisions, post-operative issues and problems, but was ultimately accompanied by experiences to wonder at, as well as a large helping of marvels and miracles. Inspiring and touching, her story will particularly appeal to Christians interested in reading about journeys of faith, as well as those wishing to learn more about the learning process that occurs after a diagnosis of cancer.

This is an inspiring and heartening story of one woman's journey through cancer , with God. . Through the pages you encounter the strength of Helen's personality, and her faith. I couldn't put it down once I started reading! Although at times it moved me to tears, the overwhelming message is of hope. I would certainly recommend this book to others, especially those who are in a situation where they are dealing with cancer, for themselves or a loved one.. It's beautifully written, and will also appeal to anyone who likes real life stories. A really great read!

by Joanna Jackson-Hoare

One woman's moving story from breast cancer diagnosis to reconstructive surgery, honestly and movingly told without self-pity. I found this a compelling read, even though I do not share Helen's beliefs which undeniably gave her strength and support during her physical, mental and spiritual journey.

by Victoria

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