Troubador Johnny Cigarini: Confessions of a King's Road Cowboy

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784621322

eISBN: 9781784628062

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Johnny Cigarini: Confessions of a King's Road Cowboy

Memoirs of a terrible name-dropper


Johnny Cigarini: Confessions of a King’s Road Cowboy is an autobiographical account told from the perspective of a sharp young producer who kicked back with celebrity acquaintances after hours of working in the ambitious and daring world of advertising. Being surrounded by fame and glory during the 70s meant the company Cigarini worked for was at its most succesful – and King’s Road in Chelsea became their local playground. This story of luck, chance and heartache shows how the entertainment culture allowed Cigarini to reach the top of his game. Against a backdrop of the 60s sexual liberation, we learn of the real man, Johnny; he was not always a Ferrari-driving trendsetter with long hair, picking up models on the King’s Road, partying with Pink Floyd and dating Patti D’Arbanville, but he was once ‘Little Johnny’, an orphan and the victim of child sex abuse. Exposed to a silent and sinister world of establishment paedophile rings, John’s story is certainly one of tragedy and introspection as he picks up the pieces of a lost life. From Italy to England, Africa, America, and back to Italy, Cigarini’s nomadic lifestyle became the catalyst to his emotional rollercoaster. His memoirs reach back in time to a war that separated him from his sisters and exposes the revolutionary changes that developed Britain during this era. This mesmerising account offers an insight to the intimate secrets of life in the heart of Britain’s pop culture and will appeal primarily to the generation who grew up in the swinging 70s and early 80s. This book may also be of interest to individuals who have worked in production and the advertising sector.

“A must read for rock fans, film fans, and simply any member of the human race, Confessions of a King's Road Cowboy is truly one of the best books I have ever read”. Tim Sullivan, Hollywood Filmmaker (Detroit Rock City, 2001 Maniacs, The Poet in Exile).

by Tim Sullivan

“Just read a third of your book at one sitting, with an open jaw.
Thinking: "Where the fuck was I when all this was going on? I think you WERE the seventies”. Legendary advertising creative director Dave Trott.

by Dave Trott

“Just finished the book. Could not put it down. Riveting!
I didn't know you had so much sex. Very envious!”

by Mike King

“I read the whole thing in two days and just LOVED it. I could not put it down!”

by Cathy Dunn

I loved it. Couldn't stop reading it. It is quite an extraordinary tale. Even more so because it is
true. Well done. Brilliant.

by Sid Roberson

It's fantastic, couldn't put it down. The whole
thing is very 'you', good, interesting stories, lots of humour. And
yes, you have had an incredibly full and interesting life.

by Glynis Johns

Shocking in its honesty sadness and sex.

by Roberta Booth

Confessions ! LOVE THIS BOOK
I can relate....For sure many of us, who grew up in the 60's 70's & 80's, can.
Many choose to keep their stories between the sheets, so to speak. Shameless name dropping is cool with me.....WHY NOT ?
Prince Albert is quite the salty joker! That sure put a new spin on "flossing" !!!
Nicely put together, setting the tone with who was # 1, what movie was a hit at the time, gives the reader connection points.
Baring the soul about sexual abuse takes balls for many. Every person on the planet has a story to tell. You did it superbly Johnny Cigarini - Cowboys rule !

by Tony Brannon

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