Troubador IT’s All Geek to Me!

Released: 28/07/2022

ISBN: 9781803133072

Format: Paperback

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IT’s All Geek to Me!


The premise for this book was an introspection into Information Technology (IT) which I felt has neither been done before or in this style. All the events and conversations written have all happened and, to reduce folk’s embarrassment, everyone in the book has been given an appropriate nickname to hide their true identity and to add an element of surprise as the accounts explores the various topics of interest, such as leadership, self-discovery or family and friends, which have been essential components for growth from child to adult and to navigate and make sense of the world around. Drawing on my own personal experience to demonstrate a lifetime of experimentation. This book was written sequentially and not intended as a complete chronological order of events, the intent was to start from the perspective of present day with a world in the midst of a global pandemic and drift back in time at relevant points so that readers can gain the sense of the journey, which at times has been hap hazard, unpredictable, difficult, challenging but at time purely majestic.

This book is not perfect and although all the pieces are there to form an almost complete jigsaw, the intent was to create interest and suspense in what would otherwise be a dull, dummies guidebook on what working in IT is like! There are times when language used is raw and the mood is complex, but this book is like a good bottle of red wine; it just needs to be left open for a while. If you don’t have a belly laugh at least once whilst reading the book then honestly, there is no hope for you!

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