Troubador In Search of You

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838594190

Format: Paperback

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In Search of You

Letters to a Daughter


Death and dying are issues that cause most people in the Western world to catch their breath and  change the subject, yet Patsy Freeman’s chronicle In Search of You: Letters to a Daughter, as she writes letters to her daughter before and after her death, is a compelling page turner.

Heart-rending, raw and often mystical, Patsy describes the shock of bereavement, her grief and guilt, and the confidence she now enjoys in a life after loss. With grace, sensitivity and without a trace of self-pity, Patsy reveals that we can all be heroes within the messy story of our lives.

What Matt Haig did for depression in Reasons to Stay Alive, Patsy has done for loss as she finds the imperative to live a dynamic life - a beacon for those in grief. 

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