Troubador I Had To Go There to Get Here

Released: 01/08/2011

ISBN: 9781848766860

Format: Paperback

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I Had To Go There to Get Here

A Wandering Knight's Tale


There was a lust for fame and fortune. Only then would he become the biggest pull on the planet.

But the closer he got to his fortune, the more he became disillusioned with the value of money, as he discovered a world full of greed, evil and corruption. He falls in love and realises that's what he's been looking for all his life, but there is work to do.

He is now Don Quixote, the character Cervantes saw four hundred years ago, and he must slay the evil giants before he is worthy of the fair Dulcinea. But they are many. Though Don Quixote is not alone - there have been forces guiding him, giving him strength all his life, way outside our comprehension, and they're getting stronger...

...and so is he.

"A free-flowing description of the adventures of a never-say-die Liverpool lad interposed with his philosophy of life. Extremely readable, it comes with colourful and humorous descriptions of his exploits in a seemingly insurmountable attempt to establish Kiasu as the world standard for picture frame easels." - Gary Lim, Marketing Consultant, Singapore.

Yatter Yatter Magazine

Chester Chronicle

I started reading the book one evening and would have carried on all night if I didn’t have work the next day. I took the book on a date to show my girlfriend and read her some of the poetry. She wants me to give her the book when I’ve finished, but I want to read it again. I’ll get her one for Christmas.

by Mike Gill

I lived near Ken for many years and we worked on a few projects together. My favourite has to be his Japanese garden. I knew Ken was an inventor, but had no idea about the rest of it. What a lad. What a life. Very interesting book – couldn’t put it down.

by John Miles

I took the book away on holiday with me and was hooked from the first page. I spent three hours reading it one day, and finished the book in a week. I haven’t done that since I left school.

by Sam Long

What a good book.fantastic and quirky.I brought my copy to South Africa were I now live and it was enjoyed by all that read it,and they are still queuing up for a read. Ken Holmes has a real talent for writing and I cant wait for the next offering..

by Michael Lister

I know this man as he has a business near to me. I was hooked from the start. This is a story of a man with an amazing get up and get on with it attitude. I am looking to buy it again as i lost it moving house. really interesting and true. There are nasty people in the world of business. and this man has met a few.

by m pierce.

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