Troubador Gorbals...and God

Released: 01/09/2013

eISBN: 9781783068906

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Gorbals...and God


Gorbals and God is a lively and compelling account of the author’s struggle against the poverty which affected so many Gorbals residents in the mid-1930s until redevelopment occurred in the 1960s.

Author, Hugh Sawers, documents with unerring accuracy and insight the trials and challenges he encounters as he grows up. Gorbals and God is his account of how he meets and overcomes the hurdles before him. As well as a biographical tale, it is also a journey from atheism to belief, as Hugh is overwhelmed by a sense of God’s presence in his life and is called to the ministry.

The book is testimony to the truth that we often struggle to overcome acute poverty whilst ignoring the riches which are within our grasp.

In 'Gorbals....and God' Hugh
outlined his childhood in the Gorbals
and his struggle to attain an education to enable him to study at Glasgow University.He related his search for a faith in God and in his second book 'Commissioned by God' describes his experiences in the parish ministry with a keen insight into the workings of the Church of Scotland

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Hugh Sawers

Hugh Sawers was born in the Gorbals in Glasgow. He served in the Army in Austria and Africa. Initially an atheist, he eventually found faith in God after many years of searching.He studied at Glasgow University and Trinity College and went on to serve the Church of Scotland in three parishes.

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