Troubador Full Circle

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784620417

Format: Paperback

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Full Circle

A bittersweet true story of a love that endured


Full Circle is a true story about a love that is lost, only to be found again over half a century later, in extraordinary circumstances. He is Norwegian, she is Australian. The love they find together is overwhelming, but there are endless difficulties, obstacles and long periods of separation. Finally, after four years, they go their separate ways. When their paths cross again, they rediscover each other, this time with the wisdom and humour that only long lives well lived can bring, ­and their love is rekindled. But with this comes profound sadness. Appreciating that they have been given the gift of a second chance, they endeavour to make the most of every magical moment they have left. Written from the heart, this story will appeal to anyone who enjoys love stories. Written at the request of her Norwegian, the author hopes that their special love story can help and inspire others.

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