Troubador Freedom After The Sharks

Released: 28/09/2014

ISBN: 9781783065349

Format: Paperback

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Freedom After The Sharks


Each of us is, to some extent or other, a reflection of the experiences of our lives. However, whether and how we succeed is determined at least in part by how we cope with those experiences and what we learn from them. This is the story of a man who, despite a difficult family life and professional setbacks, developed the determination, drive and skills to create a successful business and happy life. Geoff’s skills and self-motivation gave him the drive, determination and tenacity to continue a journey through hardship to reach self-fulfillment and, ultimately, success. His book describes the life journey of a young man’s heart and his desire to turn his dreams and vision into a business success. Freedom After The Sharks shows how, even in a declining economy, a business can survive and even succeed. It covers some real-life experiences and offers some suggestions for dealing with problems and issues. It provides a guide to finding your way in the business world. The book is suitable for entrepreneurs who might not be sure of the path to take or who want to benefit from other people’s mistakes and failures. Other audiences include middle management or junior executives who are looking for a fascinating life story of courage, drive and inspiration, as well as graduates and college students, who will find information that will help prepare them for their careers.

Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Growth are essential for success and profitability in the business process.

This book provides a holistic overview of the essential leading methods of techniques. It will provide you with a hands on guide for business professionals and those in higher education.

Readers will gain insights into topical subjects, components of Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Growth, including a wide range of tips, models and techniques that will help to build strong and effective solutions in today’s business world.

The terms ‘Communications’, Strategy’ and Business Development and Growth’ have become overused during the last decade and have become devalued as a result. In this book I aim to simplify these terms and to re-value management and leadership by addressing topics and subjects in each distinctive chapter.

As Anthony Robbins once said: “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”

The book therefore covers all the essential components of Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Growth, but ensures that they are described in an engaging, enjoyable way with clarity.

The book is divided into three key areas to make it easy to find the material you need. Each component is easy to locate by the titles of the short story at the top of the pages. Each chapter within the three components relates strongly to each other but is also interrelated to all the other chapters. Those with interest on certain topics may wish to start at their area of interest first, while those who prefer to read the book from the first page to the end will proceed as they started, there really is a topic for everyone in the book.

I am privileged to know Geoff personally but realised that I didn't know him that well until I read this book. It is a "real page turner" but more importantly has everything a good book should have - excellent content, lessons that can be used in your own life and also the ability to raise the human spirit. It cuts across so many audiences in its appeal that I would say it is a must addition to any business person's collection and like so many other good books in this genre can be read time and time again!

by David Winterburn

Geoff Hudson-Searle

I know change is a constant factor in business and you either embrace it strategically in which case you drive the transformation in the business in a controlled manner or it drives the business where it chooses – what outcome do you really want for your business?

I am a passionate and published thought leader on change, management and business. Constantly sharing interesting information, partaking or leading innovation round tables discussing management and people development, strategic growth and deployment – this includes how culture diversity in business can make you more profitable and the performance success from good leadership. I even managed to find the time to become an author in my first book 'Freedom After The Sharks' and my second book will be published shortly, 'Meaningful Conversations'.

Being an international commercial director, CMO, CEO, and non-executive director gives you broad experiences that relate when lecturing regularly on the principles of change, transformation strategy and finance at forums and conferences. Well-connected within industry with strong affiliate, partners and client relationships to extend reach and deliver insight and research from multi-faceted global viewpoints.

Working in a broad range of industries including software, technology and banking has given me a range of different experiences and perspectives of what can work, the importance of good people, process and how these can be applied and amplified to deliver results in different scenarios and paradigms.

Known for bringing in a fresh and sometimes challenging the status-quo, with a strategic approach delivering successful change management programmes that deliver results. For example I once started with a company carrying a loss of £15M, ($26M), and responsible for executing a new plan for generating £60m of solution sales revenue across 12 countries in EMEA, which was achieved in month 13 with continued sales performance thereafter. It is not just about making a change – it is about making the transformation sustainable!

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