Troubador Four Score Years and a Bit More

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018967

Format: Paperback

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Four Score Years and a Bit More


Four Score Years and a Bit More represents an autobiographical view of the author's life and some of the social influences that affected it.

After some thirty six years of teaching, conscientiously doing a job the author loved he was dumped by Somerset County Council, as part of a political intrigue to boost the egotism of a political cabal always wishing to ‘make changes’ in the interest of political ideals, irrespective of the upheaval it causes to the lives of their constituents.

Finding he was at a loose end Bev decided to set down his memories whilst he could remember them and was delighted to find that the more he wrote the more he remembered...

Bev's third book concentrated on the development and social history of the Minehead area rather than the emphasis on the leading families in earlier books about the nearby village of Dunster. and their history. His fourth book is an autobiography about his life and experiences both as a school pupil and in his teaching career.l

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Bev Woodger

Bev Woodger is a retired maths teacher and in the latter part of his working life was involved in non curricular activities in community education. Now after completing another degree in his retirement he has become a writer on Social History and was a volunteer guide at Dunster Castle with the National Trust until age called a halt

This book looks at the story of Minehead and it's development through the years including comment on the loss of its position as a prime holiday location.

Minehead Harbo0ur
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