Troubador For My Love of Africa

Released: 01/10/2012

ISBN: 9780797450738

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For My Love of Africa


Kathy was born in Rhodesia in 1953. She has an enduring affection for Zimbabwe- the freedom, the space, the friendly people and the beautiful weather.

Although she has been through incredibly tough times, she writes about the tragedies she has faced with openness and great feeling, her faith helping enormously in overcoming them.

With a sense of humour and a deep-rooted love of Africa, Kathy tells her story vividly, portraying the excitement and adventure experienced by her family as settlers in the early days of Rhodesia. The unbelievable hardships they suffered, their amazing perseverance in the face of adversity, and their tough pioneering spirit live on in Kathy to this day.

But as well as recounting the misfortunes, Kathy writes about happier times- her family's adventures on the islands off the East African coast; the solitude that can only be experienced in the African bush; the camping safaris at Kariba, despite the ever-present risk of encountering hippo, crocodiles and other wildlife.

Kathy now lives a full and contented life in Harare, giving talks and counselling those who have lost loved ones. But most of all she keeps her sense of humour, her love of life, friends and family, and she enjoys all the many good things about living in Zimbabwe.

If you want a book to touch your heart, pick this one. A true and heartfelt book that tells the story of a special woman who has experienced life changing events with faith, determination and above all good humour. It is a great honour to know the author and be able to touch on various chapters along the way. It makes a great gift. Highly recommend it.

by Eleni Avgidis

I can recommend this book highly. It is a true story, well documented and very specifically written to encourage and help others who have lost loved ones. The smells, sounds and sights of Africa as I know it, are the background to this story of a family laughing, loving and weeping through experiences that were life-changing. Death is finally conquered by faith. Heroes come from the author's family, and from history itself.. specifically of early Rhodesia and latterly, Zimbabwe.
For me, the writer has hit the nail on the head.. her story is real. She writes with ease and humour and is unashamed to tell her story so that others may be helped. I am proud to have known the author and her family and her book is a crystallised account of her life so far.

by Marian Wright

Kathy’s book, “For my love of Africa” mesmerized me from the moment I saw its cover!

Certainly, for all of us born and bred in Zimbabwe, the word-pictures Kathy paints and the places of which she writes enable us to smell the scent, feel the breeze and hear the sounds of the many of the familiar places we know and love.

Throughout the book are woven threads of humour, gentle self-effacement, wonderful characters and winsome stories.

Three aspects were highlighted over all the others: Kathy’s courage and the honesty with which she deals with some incredibly tragic and touching events; her boundless love of this country, its beauty, its magnificence and its peoples; and above all, her love of God which shines forth in her life from an early age and is so very evident in her life today.

I just couldn’t put this book down once I started it and I commend Kathy wholeheartedly for a marvellous read, but also for allowing us the privilege of sharing deep and personal aspects of her life.

by Tim Tanser

Brilliant. Her husband was a teacher at Saint Stephen's College he was a great guy R.I.P. SIR Salute to you.

by norman george cooke

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