Troubador Follow That Dream

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460843

eISBN: 9781800468351

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Follow That Dream


This lively memoir by Linda Powell takes us from the swinging 60s to the present day. We hear of her challenges, successes and escapades over this 50-year period and we meet some inspirational people who are doing extraordinary things to improve the lives of others and to create a better world. Their stories deserve to be told. Linda was described by The Times newspaper as “humorous and unassuming” and her story starts in Jamaica, where she worked as a volunteer teacher. From there we travel to Haiti, the United States of America, the East End of London, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central America, India and Cambodia. Her narratives range from humorous and entertaining to moving and heart-wrenching. They weave together to form a personal portrait of a life spent learning from passionate, motivational people. Throughout, we are presented with a clear picture of the political situation of the day and its impact on Linda and those around her.

Among her wide range of experiences, we hear about her role as a teacher and headteacher in large secondary schools in London; her voluntary work in Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda; her direct action against injustice; and her tangles with the military in a number of countries. This book is a tribute to human-kind, a social history of the time, and an amusing and informative read for all who enjoy travel.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to three charity organisations concerned with empowering girls and women and improving the provision of education in Africa and South East Asia. Details about these organisations are given on the final page of the book.

The description of London, England and world of the 60s and 70s (and beyond) will be personally familar to many, with its political and social challenges and changes. The personal story is candid, moving, funny and fascinating, revealing principles, commitment, values and actions that were little short of heroic.

Linda and Haydn "lived the dream" and the nightmares that went with it, not in a self-indulgent way but in a risky, generous and altruistic fashion.

The story is told with wit and heart. We found ourselves laughing out loud sometimes and gasping in horror and revulsion at other times, reminded of man's charity, resilience, humour and inhumanity.


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