Troubador Flying Bras and…

Released: 02/03/2015

eISBN: 9781784629465

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Flying Bras and…


This is all the wrong way round. Normally people get famous for doing something and then make lots of money from their autobiography. You've never heard of Sam but she went and wrote her autobiography anyway, mostly to make people laugh.

You'll quickly learn that she has two life changing disabilities. Bone idle slobbishness definitely came first but there is this MS thing that is annoyingly difficult to ignore. This book is her story in her voice about how she deals with both problems (frequently ignoring the first) and uses her humour, her stubbornness and her brain to make sure no-one will say she got left behind.

25% of the royalties from the book will be donated to MS-UK (

I love this book - a truly brilliant read from start to finish. Sam tells her fascinating life story and the progression of the Multiple Sclerosis and the affects it has had - both bad and, believe it or not, good - in a dry and often laugh out loud way, all with a wonderful mix of Jewish humour. There are some dark parts, as you might expect, but Sam's humour and positivity sees her face the MS head on and won't let the bastard win! This book is an inspiration to MS sufferers, and anyone who has has other mountains to climb in life, or those who just want a bloody good laugh.

by Clare Annand

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