Troubador Don't Rub 'Em, Count 'Em

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130019

Format: Paperback

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Don't Rub 'Em, Count 'Em


An anecdotal memoir of being born and growing up in Tottenham. These are stories and tales written by a working-class boy who was brought up by working-class parents half a mile from Tottenham Hotspur’s White Hart Lane Ground. Parents who might be considered poor but were extremely loving and of high moral standards.

By the author’s own admission, and with all due respect to his teachers, his education was not the best it might have been. It really just passed him by, mostly due to his obsession with his dream of being a professional footballer. A dream he did not quite achieve, albeit with the consolation that he became a scout, later in life, for his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

A biography full of the stories the author remembers from over sixty-five years of playing and being involved with the game. And with his other great love of music. The banter of the club houses and the pubs after the game. The ups and downs of being an ardent fan of Tottenham Hotspur supporting them through ‘thick’n thin, good and bad’. The author hopes to show what a great life it can be being involved with the ‘grass roots’ of football.

Having lived in both Tottenham and Norfolk, like Johnny Ray, this for me was a must read and I wasn’t disappointed. The names of places and faces mentioned took me back to the place of my upbringing with vivid memories and Johnny’s views on the modern game make you stand up and think. Well written Johnny Ray and thanks for the memories

by Stan Hawkes

An addictive story of a Johnny’s dreams, passion as well his working life and travels. Written from the heart, something most readers can honestly relate to

by John Redford

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