Troubador Doe Ray Me

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788036252

eISBN: 9781788032407

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Doe Ray Me

Memories Eternal


Doe Ray Me tells the story of three siblings from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland whose lives change forever following the death of their father. With their mother failing to cope and progressively turning to alcohol for comfort, each sibling is forced to discover diverging pathways through their remaining childhoods. Doe, the eldest, chooses escapism to live with relatives in England to pursue a career in nursing. Ray, the brother, disabled from birth, flounders in a world without security and protection. Me, the youngest and author of Doe Ray Me, finds new wings that are invariably clipped through a litany of personal hurts and injuries before being angelically restored. Doe Ray Me narrates reflectively through evocative storytelling, each sibling’s journey through life. In the still moments before death, Me takes the reader on a journey of laughter and tears, hurt and anger, reflection and joy, to discover not the meaning of life, but the meaning of life for Me. As a carer for most of her life, Me gives voice and insightfulness into the hidden world of carers, people who choose sacrifice and service over personal ambition or gratification to care and love those, for whom they care. Doe Ray Me is not a book of victims or survivors, heroes or heroines. It is a book about ordinary people that overcome quite extraordinary experiences but in so doing, discover the purpose and value for the life lived, the life chosen to be lived.

It was sad a sad story. Ray was such a inspiring person though his story was really sad. I would have liked to have read more about Doe. Reunited as adults it was nice to see them together again. I felt for them throughout the book. A must read.

by Carley Adair

This story actually made me tear up at a few different moments. I love a book that gets me emotionally involved. This did NOT disappoint. It's not one of my favorites, at time I felt it was a bit slow, but I will say that after reading this, I do have a sort of respect and love for this author, and find myself wanting to read more :)

by Kelsey Williams

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