Troubador Doctored

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789014051

eISBN: 9781788030939

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The True Story of Abuse and Survival


This is a true account about a woman surviving life-long abuse, eventually leading to the kidnap of her two small children by their father. They never came home. Her former partner launched a terrible campaign of revenge, isolating her with no family support and a damaged reputation.

Alone and traumatized, Polly turned to her doctor for help but he exploited her vulnerability, sexually abusing her secretly over a two year period. Later she was almost blacklisted following the quick expulsion from two doctors' patient lists for surviving Dr X's misconduct. Hospital social workers supported custody to her ex, knowing of his domestic abuse, with dire consequences.

Fighting back, Polly attended the medical court but they cleared him to return to work. After the cover-up, she lost her career and her home as well as her children as the toxic fall-out almost destroyed her life. Using her spirituality and love for her children and nature, she escaped the place of abuse to become an adventurer, writer and poet.

Despite her ex partner's cruel tactics to destroy the relationship with her children, she survived, kept her faith, started singing and finally reclaimed the once lost role of mother. Today, Polly is a proud grandmother of several beautiful children: the buds in the rose garden over the wall.


That's Books

Honest, brutal, and ultimately, uplifting. This woman's story is a tribute to the strength of faith, both in being true to herself and also in battling almost insurmountable odds to keep the role of mother (and grandmother) hers. Memorable read.

by Polly Krize

Highly recommended. Engages you from start to finish.

by Mattie Piela

I absolutely loved this book. It was heartbreaking in so many ways and also heartwarming in others. I just want to hug the main character, honestly.

by Nina Hannah

Doctored is a true story.
Please be warned there's a lot of strong content here so read at your own risk.
It's always hard to write a review up on someone's personal experience...especially of this caliber.
The story starts off with Polly describing her life as an adoptive child. She faced emotional neglect, verbal abuse, and a lot of rejection from her adoptive mother. She coped with it by immersing herself in drama and music at her school. She played piano often times composing music. She also loved riding her bike in the countryside. Often fantasizing about a great family that would love her.

The bad things didn't stop there, she got involved with a man whom also abused her physically. On top of that he took both of their children away from her. Scared and traumatized, she turned to her doctor, he promised to help her to get her kids back from their father, but he lied. Instead he ended up raping her multiple times. It's horrible all the trauma that polly endured in her life. I felt so bad for her and angry at the same time. Despite the content in this book, I would definitely recommend it.

by Elesha

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