Troubador Design For Life

Released: 28/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062126

Format: Paperback

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Design For Life


Growing up in the North East of Scotland in the small fishing town of Lerwick, life was quite idyllic for Peter Jamieson. However, on an Island like Shetland, there was also the problem of alcoholism which has been prevalent throughout history, and sadly it was to become his.

For over 25 years, since his early teens to the age of 38, Peter battled addiction. With alcohol constantly in the background, he experienced spells of being addicted to heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, interspersed with a chaotic criminal lifestyle.

A suicide attempt at the age of 38 led Peter to a Christian rehabilitation centre. Where drugs programmes in the past had failed, something supernatural was to take place that would change his life completely.

Design for Life is the story of Peter's life-changing journey.

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