Troubador Coocoomalooloo Pipes

Released: 28/04/2014

ISBN: 9781783063819

Format: Paperback

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Coocoomalooloo Pipes


May this book remind you of who you really are, before you had to take on the responsibility of growing up. Growing up. It’s something we all have to do unfortunately! For some of us it can be exciting and challenging, and for others it is full of the unknown. Whatever the case, while we are so busy growing up we somehow lose a big part of ourselves along the way. We forget about our inner child – that part of us that sees the world through pure innocence, where life is so simple and uncomplicated, where through our imagination we can see, feel and touch magic all around us… Coocoomalooloo Pipes is a book about a small chapter of Joanne Toppon’s childhood, growing up in the magical and mystical Africa. It was a place like no other, allowing her and her brothers to grow and express themselves without any judgement from others. ]oanne’s memoirs serve as a gentle reminder of how very important it is in life to never take yourself too seriously, even though at times it can be very difficult to achieve as an adult. She is lucky enough to be able to look back on her childhood with fond memories, and through her writing she encourages readers to stop growing up and reconnect with the most precious parts of ourselves; our inner child. Written from the heart, Coocoomalooloo Pipes will resonate within anyone who has grown up in Africa, identifying with certain experiences that can only happen there. It will also appeal to those with an interest in the culture of the continent.

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