Troubador Coming, Not Going

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838591175

eISBN: 9781838596798

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Coming, Not Going

A Search for God Away from the Church


This is a record of a search - but what matters is the finding.  

“It began when the death of my husband, a priest, jolted me into recognising that the belonging I had always thought I had inside traditional Church doctrine and liturgy wasn’t there: no connection between it and the feeling quick of me. Urgent and hungry for understanding, with my back to the Church door, I found myself suddenly focusing on creativity: on the description of a creator God making man in his own image. That set me searching the work and words of some of the greatest creators - painters, sculptors, musicians, writers - and then scientists - for clues to the possibility - or not - of an over-arching creativity. 

What I’ve found has astonished me: extraordinary coherence of creative experiences across cultures and centuries: coherence that insists on both the breath-taking glories and mysteries of a physical world that is patterned - yet open. Rich feeding of my inside life - but more: creativity mirroring that of the adult Jesus in the Gospels, turning my sense of a possible God, of holiness and what it is to be human, inside out.”

I thought this book was really, truly inspired. Jennings is a talented writer, making things that can seem boring to talk about interesting. The subject was relevant for today (more and more millenials are leaving church all the time), and being written by someone with as many years of wisdom as Jennings has made it an enjoyable read. It was sad and painful at times, but the honesty and hope was just what I wanted from a book about leaving the Church. The prose in this one left me reaching for my pen over and over; I wanted to savor the words and not forget them.

by Bethany

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