Troubador Come and Walk With Me Through my Breast Cancer Experience

Released: 11/06/2018

eISBN: 9781789011289

Format: eBook

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Come and Walk With Me Through my Breast Cancer Experience


This book will tell you about me and how a cancerous lump in my breast and the journey through the diagnosis, operation, treatment and recovery has changed my life in a positive way. I will share with you my feelings and the funny things that happened along the way. I will tell you how it has changed me into the woman I am today. I would like to think that anyone who has been through this experience or one similar will relate to my journey and anyone about to go through this or something similar may find some comfort. I think we should all learn to find some positives out of negative situations.

Fiona Williams shares her journey of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in this warm memoir written in diary form. It packs a lot of wisdom, information and advice in just 22 pages, but the conversational style makes it feel as if you have a girlfriend walking alongside you on the journey. Highly recommended, especially for the newly the diagnosed patient fearful of what lies ahead.

Thanks to NetGalley and Matador for the ARC. Opinions are mine.

by Char Jones

An utterly moving story of one woman’s journey with cancer from diagnosis through treatment. Highly recommended!

by Literary Soiree

Although this is a short book, it packs a punch. As a survivor of breast cancer I can affirm a lot of what is described here. I think this would be a worthwhile read for anyone going through a cancer experience- or their loved ones for that matter.

by Janice Bell (via NetGalley)

I would recommend this book. I feel it is a good and honest look at one woman’s journey through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Every woman’s journey is different. Every woman faces her own journey not knowing what is around the corner but this book tells the tale of a straight forward journey - no big dramas, no scary stories - just honest notes on how it was!

The author writes quickly, and with caution but remains upbeat and positive - which I believe is very important when facing any illness.

Highly recommend this for anyone touched by breast cancer - or any illness - stay strong.

by Maureen Moyes

This was a brilliantly informative yet amusing book for anyone going through cancer or wanting to help someone on their journey. It reads like a diary with all the hospital visits, home life, trying to maintain a career and helping and being helped by family and friends. A great insight into something that can be terrifying and a useful book to keep on your bookshelf for if ever you are unfortunate enough to need it.

by Linda Tilling

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