Troubador Can I Distract You

Released: 01/03/2012

ISBN: 9781780880815

Format: Paperback

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Can I Distract You


This is the story of F.?J. Fletcher, who suffers from diffuse systemic scleroderma. Can?I?Distract?You??is about how distraction therapy can work to help chronically ill people. “Since I was diagnosed 8 years ago, I?have been chronically and incurably ill and feel like I have lived a hundred lives in one lifetime. I wanted to let people know that no matter what happens, it is up to you to embrace every experience and make something good out of it. Life doesn’t come with a warranty. My life has been a bunch of peculiar incidents rolled up together and then thrown at me. The people in our lives and everyone we meet contribute to some sort of an experience that can be gained from. Some people look for adventure but I just have to wake up in the morning and adventure is at my doorstep! I used to just be alive, but since my diagnosis, I live a full life and I enjoy every minute. Life is too short to sit around and wait…” F. J.?Fletcher has found distraction therapy so useful and effective in coping with life in general, as well as with chronic disease, that she has written this book to help others like her. “I have always been easily distracted and have found this a detriment in some aspects of life, but it has been my saviour in battling scleroderma. I have mastered the art of distraction to such a level that I can now hardly focus on anything longer than the next distraction!” An autobiography and self-help book, Can?I?Distract?You? has been written for chronically ill people, but will appeal to anyone who is simply in need of distraction. Sales of the book will help raise money for the Centre for Rheumatology at the Royal Free Hospital in London (registered charity number 1060924), funding research into her disease which is incurable and progressive. “Awareness of this disease and contributions to the research fund is vital in finding a cure or other ways of prolonging life and increasing quality of life of sufferers,”?says F.?J.?Fletcher.

Able Magazine, May/June 2012

The Bookseller Buyer's Guide, Spring 2012

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