Troubador Bye Bye Budapest

Released: 01/05/2011

ISBN: 9781848766143

Format: Paperback

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Bye Bye Budapest

An Autobiography


On 6th March 1936, somewhere in Budapest a baby girl was born to Laszlo and Lily Wohl. My mother explained that she was a child diagnosed by doctors as having an unusually large heart which her body then grew to accommodate.

This is the story of author Agnes?Kabdebo-Gedeon and her life, which has been enriched by her daughters,?Lily and Andrea. Bye Bye Budapest covers a period of fifty five years spent in three different counties; Hungary, Guyana (South America) and Great Britain.

Agnes was born in Budapest and spent her first twenty years there; the first ten under German/Nazi occupation, the second under Soviet teror. She escaped in 1956 because she wanted to become an architect. Her dream was fulfilled by this country, where she qualified, worked and raised a family.

In the book she recounts living through periods of war, her three marriages and her family. The story is interspersed by her own poetry and pictures documenting her life. It will appeal to fans of history and biographies and those who have seen similar times.

I produced "Through Alien Eyes" - the biography of a lady, herself a refugee from Nazi occupied Austria who patronised me on my arrival in England.
"Apu and Me" is the story of how my father survived and helped others in desperate times. I wrote it from memories and from tape recordings made long after the events.

South Manchester Reporter, March 2011

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Agnes Kabdebo-Gedeon

Not a boring life. Started in a free country, but my formative years were spent under German/Nazi oppression, then WW2 and Soviet occupation. Disappointments after disappointments followed including a marriage at the age of seventeen. After the brutal suppression of the 1956 uprising I escaped.

England gave me the chances and opportunities my homeland denied me.I became an architect. The world opened up.

I married again and we lived for three years in Guyana, S.America. We brought up two daughters before we divorced. Then, third time lucky I had the best ten years of my life with my new husband until he died in 2001.

Now, writing and my grandsons fill my life with pleasure.


Apu and Me
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