Troubador Bullets, Buildings and Beer

Released: 28/02/2022

ISBN: 9781803130682

Format: Paperback

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Bullets, Buildings and Beer

Exploits of a contractor working in WAR ZONES


A biography which started life as a short diary of memorable moments whilst the author was working overseas, mainly in areas of existing or previous wars. As he was committing these stories to paper, mainly for his family, the author realised that there was a real story to be told, which not only involved himself but many others, good and not so.

After first working predominantly within the U.K. the opportunity arose to travel further and widen his experience of managing projects in extreme and usually limited situations. The description of these projects takes the reader from the initial onset of a task, taking in the planning, logistics, travel and on-site banter and mixing it all together to produce chapters of interest, education and amusement.

The author describes various travel experiences while attempting to show the reader what it would have been like sitting next to him at the time. This enables the reader to share the comfort, the excitement, the views, the smells, the intrigue, the disappointment, the elation and the hilarity. A fascinating memoir full of historical fact military hardware, construction requirements, weather occurrences, geographical panoramas, hostile environments, personal fashions, colourful language and the cutting banter that makes the guys in this book comrades in arms. Be it a weapon, a trowel or a bottle of beer

BULLETS, BUILDINGS & BEER is a record of a few different projects around the world.
Describing the situation, scenery, history and hostility of the specific country at the time of the construction.
Intriguing, informative, interesting, beguiling and extremely humorous.
Follow the antics of a team of construction workers in real life situations.
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Terence McGarry

Self employed joiner/site manager worked all over the globe especially in war zones.

Living in the North of England, now retired from sitework but kept busy making bespoke furniture as a hobby.

Camp Bastion Afghanistan May 2006

Basra Iraq 2003
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