Troubador BITS

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803131207

Format: Paperback

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You weren’t there when I told ya!


Laugh or cry, accept or deny,

Bits’ are what we’re made of.

Bits change us.

Bits destroy us.

Bits sound minimal & trivial but can be magical & monumental.

Bits combine into clumps and clumps coagulate…

Before you know it 

You’re immersed in a wodge of inescapable LIFE!

BITS is not a chronological journal. It zig-zags a course through both vast and miniscule moments and is interspersed with diary updates, during the catalogue of chaos, which was Britain as Covid 19 decimated 2020.

BITS confirms that an enthusiastic, positive and determined approach to this crazy little thing called life will always win through. My BITS are most definitely on display!

Had a taste of a small part of the draft of this book. Can't wait to buy the real thing! Already know that the author is an intensely interesting character, very witty, bags of personality and a very expressive 'say it as it is' kind of writer; probably no holds barred, or not many! Very talented writer; bring it on and all will be revealed! I'm not related, but have every confidence in wishing the book a pre-release, well deserved, success! Readers will totally relate to the emotions, upheavals, light and darkness experienced by all of us who are trying to survive the challenges of living in today's crazy world.

by Betty Oldmeadow

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