Troubador BITS

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803131207

Format: Paperback

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You weren’t there when I told ya!


Laugh or cry, accept or deny,

Bits’ are what we’re made of.

Bits change us.

Bits destroy us.

Bits sound minimal & trivial but can be magical & monumental.

Bits combine into clumps and clumps coagulate…

Before you know it 

You’re immersed in a wodge of inescapable LIFE!

BITS is not a chronological journal. It zig-zags a course through both vast and miniscule moments and is interspersed with diary updates, during the catalogue of chaos, which was Britain as Covid 19 decimated 2020.

BITS confirms that an enthusiastic, positive and determined approach to this crazy little thing called life will always win through. My BITS are most definitely on display!

Had a taste of a small part of the draft of this book. Can't wait to buy the real thing! Already know that the author is an intensely interesting character, very witty, bags of personality and a very expressive 'say it as it is' kind of writer; probably no holds barred, or not many! Very talented writer; bring it on and all will be revealed! I'm not related, but have every confidence in wishing the book a pre-release, well deserved, success! Readers will totally relate to the emotions, upheavals, light and darkness experienced by all of us who are trying to survive the challenges of living in today's crazy world.

by Betty Oldmeadow

I finished 'Bits' with an "aah" and a smile.Yes, J's bits are certainly on show, but recounted with love, warmth, humour and honesty. As a reader I was invited to share episodes of J's life which have brought her to who she is today. Like any conversation between friends it flows from subject to subject and in doing so it is immensely engaging. At times it is playful and witty, at others reflective and just downright sad, but then so is life.
The underlying feelings throughout 'Bits' are warmth, honesty and love for family and friends. We all have memories we prefer to keep close, so J's bravery sharing hers is very special. The simplest things often have the greatest impact in our lives and many of us take them for granted. I'm so glad J hasn't.

by A Watson

Awesome 101.     BITS is a huge serving of magnificence baked in raw emotion,  with quirky and hilarious on the side.    I was gripped from beginning to end,  through many spit-out-coffee belly-laugh anecdotes while journeying through her intensely personal reflections of childhood, family life,  career path and having her own family.  There were also some heart-shredding moments about losing loved ones - through separation, mental health and death.   It was very refreshing to read about a large group of siblings who all genuinely loved and cared about each other, and with parents who adored their children and each other.    That upbringing has clearly help shape the path the author has taken in her life.  I  really admire her strong character, her courage to swim against the tide if/when necessary in order to stick to her values/beliefs, and the fact she is determined to maintain a healthy happy life for her own family.    I think J Tarr has a wonderful way with words and I enjoy how she goes off on a tangent at any given moment (much like the comedy style of the legend Eddie Izzard).   She has demonstrated brilliantly why the smallest 'bits and bobs' in our lives can end up having the greatest impact. I sincerely hope to read more of J Tarr's fabulous literary talent n the near future.  

by Mrs Hall

Loved this book! The author is not a celebrity, but she is undoubtedly one of the people, one of us as it were. This makes her dedication to this worthy piece of work, deserving of a voice, particularly as she wrote it all herself!
It is not only a memoir, because as it was written during the covid lockdown, it is also an excellent record of the situation as it unfolded. It is a story written with no holds barred; a fine example of the new found freedom the younger generation, women in particular, have managed to achieve. A freedom devoid of the shackles that bound many of us in the past. It is candid in every respect, both politically and on a personal level. Truths are recorded that many of us would be too reserved to share with others; a refreshing aspect to the book! It is life laid bear with extreme honesty; many a reader will relate to the content and even admit to agreement, if only behind closed doors!

There is an element of deep sadness, contrasted with contentment and happiness. The author also displays an intelligent awareness of current affairs; there is a catalogue of travel and a memorable musical journey throughout. Detailed passages depicting a very successful career in teaching, laced with point of view regarding the education system, are bound to strike a chord with members of the teaching profession.

The author is seen to have risen from the depths of despair, but her determination to rise above adversity, transforms her life. She goes on to become a very useful member of society and her vibrant personality comes across loud and clear.

It is also a love story; once this author’s emotions are set on fire, she loves with every fibre of her being.
One cannot help but admire the way she has laid bare the very essence of herself and human nature in general.
The reader may well take away various wisdoms, and food for thought, from her obvious love and appreciation of life and nature; it is a reminder to love our fellow man more, respect others with different opinions to our own and live life to the full.

This is a book with a difference; a fascinating read. There is something for everyone, if you can cope with seeing certain probable truths of ‘how it really is’ in print!

by Betty Oldmeadow

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