Troubador Becoming Lisa

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789013856

Format: Paperback

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Becoming Lisa


An inspiring memoir of overcoming fear and living your life in the open. 
A sincere and honest account of the transition to, and living your life as, your true self. 
A book about small town homophobia and bullying of those who do not fit in. 

Becoming Lisa is the incredible emotional roller coaster journey from Dave, a shy boy, bullied throughout his life to becoming Lisa, a strong willed determined independent woman campaigning against hate and bigotry to help others along their path to living their life as they wish and without fear. 

As Dave, Lisa struggled through School in 1970’s and 1980’s Britain, bullied and beaten up because of her looks. She faced the trauma of rape and suicide, eventually having to move away from her home town to escape the bullying she had endured. She started her new life as Lisa, contemplating suicide herself when she was at her lowest point, but then overcoming the huge obstacles that lay in her path to achieving her new identity. It was as Lisa she was able to turn the tables on those who bullied her, and became a role model and advocate for transgender people in her local area. She had now become someone who could speak in public with an open honesty about what she had gone through, and even undergo her life changing surgery in a public way. 

Lisa did not then retire into a quiet life after surgery, nor take the easy option to blend in. She continued her awareness campaign even though life dealt another cruel blow, but came back stronger than ever. She was then able to ride the crest of a wave of having achieved her goals. Share the tears of total desperation and mix them with the tears of triumphant euphoria as Lisa takes you through the heartbreaking lows and the triumphant highs of her journey

Book signing at Beningbrough Hall, Gallery & Gardens over the weekend of 11th & 12th August - more details to follow.

On Saturday 11th August, from 12.30 pm onwards, Beningbrough Hall, Gallery and Gardens, will be host to Lisa who will unveil her new autobiography, Becoming Lisa

Lisa will be giving a short talk in the great hall about her experiences of being a sitter for her portrait by renowned artist Tanya Rabbe-Webber as part of the sitters and their stories season at Beningbrough Hall, Gallery and Gardens last year, that Portrait, named Lisa’s Freedom now hangs at Beningbrough Hall and leads visitors into the ‘Making her mark: celebrating creative women’ as part of the National Trust’s ‘Women and Power’ programme.

After this short talk, Lisa will be talking about the book and her experience of being part of sitters and their stories as well as signing copies of her book and will be available to chat to throughout the afternoon.

The property will be open from 10.30am – 5pm entry is free to National Trust members or normal admission charges apply. For this weekend only, visitors with a York Pride wristband can enjoy a 2 for 1 entry offer.

Press call: Lisa will be available between 12 and 2 on Thursday 9th August to speak to about her new book or for photograph opportunities at Beningbrough Hall.

Fascinating, once i started reading i could not put the book down. This would make a wonderful film.

by Sue L

This is a fast moving autobiography,so well written and captive from start to finish. I cried,I laughed then I cried again.
Well worth a read for any one who is interested in the Why question and also for anyone going through gender doubts in their life

by Rachel

I've just finished reading this book, I have to say it's one of the best autobiographies that I've ever read. Lisa sounds amazing and her life journey is incredible, if ever this is turned into a film, I shall be first in the queue to see it - brilliant

by James

An extremely readable, very interesting book following Dave’s journey to becoming Lisa. Lisa’s determination to become her authentic self despite many adversities and obstacles is inspiring, as is her mission to educate people to understand transgender issues. I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends. I wish Lisa all the best.

by Samantha

Very good read couldn’t put your book down. Definitely worth a read and will be recommending it to everyone. Xx

by Carla

Lisa Kelly

I am just an ordinary woman, i was Dave previously but after many years of hiding myself from the world, i blossomed.

I worked for many years in retail, while coming to terms with who i am, and now i stand proud and work hard to help others to be themselves. My joy is seeing their joy and my drive is knowing people have more knowledge after hearing my story.

This is me in colour, my Pride outfit.
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