Troubador Apparently I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130538

Format: Paperback

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Apparently I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Memoir of a Bemused Support Worker


In 2003 having secured two part time jobs within social care following a bout of redundancy I had to hit the ground running; one day trying to make sense of a cheese and potato pie recipe whilst residents waited patiently for their dinner, and the next day playing golf with a client who pushed cheating to the limits. To those who didn’t know him his scores were very impressive. 

Other scenarios including dealing with a client’s amorous dog that seemed to swing both ways and deep seated memories of a psychotic donkey called Lucky who was anything but, came under the heading of ”more thinking required”.

Apparently I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea gives an often humorous insight into working with various groups of people who, on the face of it, needed some support but often chose to ignore me. The title comes from a remark given to me by a lady client who then disappeared into the toilet with book in hand. 

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