Troubador An Adoptee's Search for Identity

Released: 28/07/2015

ISBN: 9781784622657

Format: Paperback

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An Adoptee's Search for Identity


Beginning in the 1930s, An Adoptee’s Search for Identity details Judy Bryant’s life as an adopted child and the subsequent emotional difficulties she faced as an adult. As a child, Judy was reluctant to smile – even when she was cared for at an adoption society’s home, she was not a happy baby while there and her introduction to prospective adoptive parents did not produce a smile from her. Struggling to overcome the initial abandonment she felt as a young child, Judy’s life quickly spiralled into emotional turmoil after her adoptive mother’s death. As an adult, Judy struggled to come to terms with who she was. Following a period of self-induced anorexia and resultant agoraphobia, she suffered a severe emotional breakdown aged just 21. In later life, Judy was fortunate enough to be able to trace and meet up with her birth family – although she never lost the closeness and emotional connection she feels with her adoptive family – having never truly lost the abandoned feeling. An Adoptee’s Search for Identity provides a fascinating insight into the life of an adoptee and illustrates the deep emotional turmoil Judy has suffered throughout her life. This touchingly honest account will appeal to women, mothers and those interested in adoption.

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