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Released: 28/09/2014

ISBN: 9781784620011

Format: Paperback

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A Letter to my Niece


When her beloved elder brother, a WWII hero in the RAF, passed in October 2013, Enid Laird began an exchange of correspondence with her niece. This brought powerful memories flooding back, and as a matter of urgency Enid’s autobiography erupted from her mind and onto paper. A Letter to my Niece is an account of Enid’s life growing up in the aftermath of the First World War. Her father struggled to hold employment and her mother sought to provide security for Enid and her brothers, leading to an unsettled childhood. The Second World War dominated much of Enid’s young adulthood, and as she grew into a woman she experienced love and loss, finding solace in her religion. This book is unashamedly based on Enid’s own growing Christian conviction, and readers will find hope and light within its pages. A Letter to my Niece is a touching story that will make a fascinating and moving read for anyone who enjoys autobiographies, particularly those with faith themselves.

I haven't as yet read this book, but I fully intend to, I met the author a lovely lady whilst staying at a relatives house at Barton - on-sea, I consider it as meant to be as after speaking with her I felt a renewed sense of God's spirit it made me weep and even whilst I write this I still feel the same emotions rising. If you read this Enid keep up the good work and if I hadn't met you my miss would have been my loss. God Bless

by Ruth Boston

Im just ordering this book , I met this lovely lady whilst coast walking recently. We had a wonderfull chat we felt so conected, because of course we are in our heavenly father. Best wishes Enid.

by sue goodhand

Dear Enid so pleased to have met you , on my coast walk at Barton . Ive just finished your wonderful book . It gripped my attention and I read without wanting to put it down, Like you say ,we all have a life story, good and bad things happen . Your word Enid :Nothing worth having comes easily and cannot be bought: those words will stay with me . God Bless you Enid and thankyou .

by sue goodhand

Enid Laird

Have I learned from the experience of publishing my book? Yes. Indeed I have. When I started it, I had no idea where I was going with it. It became clear at the time of, and reason for its Closure. I was happy for Amazon to sell the book, but the Copyright is mine, and my agents are Troubador publishing to whom any profit should go. I have absolutely no regrets at having set it down, and nothing must be added to it or taken away. C'est finis!

Enid Laird. Friday 13th OCtober, 2017

These aare extremely troubling times we are living in, and it would be so easy to have our heads in the clouds for escapism The truth is, that with each day that passes it becomes clearer that we must endeavour to keep our feet firmly on the ground. My book 'A Letter to my Niece' has been re-issued to correct an oversight on my part, for which I must take responsibility. The text remains unchanged. The Contents page and page numbering, thanks to the patience and assistance of Troubador MD, Mr Jeremy Thompson, have been rectified and the problem resolved. The book now runs smoothly and sensibly within its framework, as it should.

Enid Laird. 30th November, 2018.

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