Troubador A Fantasy Ago

Released: 25/09/2020

eISBN: 9781800467705

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A Fantasy Ago

New Zealand Memoir 1954-1956


The aspirations of most young women in the 1950s stretched no further than acquiring a husband, house and children. Some of us though were questioning this – "surely there has to be more to life than this?”  

Impulsive, naive, with a vivid imagination fuelled by books and films, I set out for New Zealand in 1954, aged 19. However, A Fantasy Ago not only recounts the adventures enjoyed during my time there, it is also a social document reflecting pre-pill attitudes of the era which to some degree were still observed and led to marriage becoming inevitable.

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Molly Drinnan

In 1954, aged 19, considering myself unique, I set out for New Zealand determined to embark upon a nomadic lifestyle (far removed from my only-child, claustrophobic suburban upbringing) and to become a successful author.

A grisly end to an unhappy marriage in 1964, which meant ten years in Australia struggling with single motherhood, holding down jobs, financial worries and failed love affairs, demolished all my fantasies. Nonetheless, I retained my enthusiasm for life. Since my return to England with my son in 1973, I have furthered my education, which, in 2006 culminated in gaining a diploma in drama and theatre history from the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education and even having a few minor successes with my factual writing.

The most important features of my chequered life, which have sustained me in all my ups and downs, are the possession of very good, long-term and even relatively new friends and a deep love of learning, literature and theatre.

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