Troubador 1500 Hotel Nights

Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785898495

Format: Paperback

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1500 Hotel Nights

A black comedy, the straightforward truth on the absurd in hotels, that nobody speaks out


An honest critique of hotels and restaurants is missing from bookshelves, and Daniel Tabbush would argue that in fact there’s a plethora of the opposite. All too often, design characteristics at hotels and restaurants make little sense, and no voice speaks out for the traveller to improve these defects. Once we confirm and pay for a hotel, we are hostages. When we find a problem, there is no way out, and nobody speaks the truth. We are asked how is everything, and we reply ‘fine’. So many publishers say that this book is too full of complaints; it’s the straightforward truth, that nobody speaks out. Absurd design flaws abound, which can be seen in every kind of hotel – even in the most luxurious establishments worldwide. Bedframes that jut outward, with a hard edge, help a guest in no way, other than to stumble and for shin injuries; haphazardly placed two-way light switches for room lights, cause confusion rather than convenience; thunderous air-conditioning does not lend to a restful sleep. These are often accompanied by dim, romantic room lighting which disallows reading, writing or simply game-playing; a profusion of ceiling protuberances, in an array of shapes, sizes, and textures, is unpleasant on the eyes and upsetting; and the incessant blinking of 12:00AM on a DVD player is a worthless hotel amenity for any hotel guest. We all know it when we see it, but it’s rare to find a compendium of hotel design weaknesses. For travellers, 1500 Hotel Nights will be both entertaining as well as helpful in identifying and avoiding troublesome hotel design deficiencies. For hotel managers and designers, this book can assist in better understanding the viewpoint of the keen traveller, and in developing a superior hotel room, the travel experience itself.

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Daniel Tabbush

Daniel Tabbush has been an equity analyst in Asia since 1993, firstly focused on Thai banks and subsequently, on Asian banks. He was Head of Asian Bank research at CLSA for most his career, overseeing coverage of approximately 80 banks and 10 analysts in Asia. He has been highly ranked by Asiamoney and Bloomberg, as well as by institutional investors focused on Asia. Daniel grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from University of California, San Diego in Economics, cum laude and with Phi Beta Kappa honors. Since 2014, he has been a member of UCSD's Economics Leadership Council (ELC), supporting Economic students at the University through this alumni association. He was the only speaker on Asian banks at the Independent Research Summit in Hong Kong in 2013, and will present there again in 2014. Daniel writes the Banking On Asia column for SNL Financial and provides macro-economic bank research for Asianomics Group in Hong Kong. He published his book Quit & Run: My Wake Up Call On Wall Street, about his life as a bank equity analyst in the stock broking world, shortly after leaving the industry in 2012.

Daniel Tabbush - Analyst & Author

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