Troubador My Rich Prince

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788037525

eISBN: 9781789011104

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My Rich Prince

Notes for My Son


My Rich Prince is a unique book tackling subject matter that is pertinent to teenage and young adult readers. The author offers readers life advice on a number of issues and warns them of what to look out for. It also discusses what is important and what is not, and explains how readers can maximise happiness and fulfilment. 

My Rich Prince is a collection of notes written for Michael's son and compiled over many years. The book covers issues relating to money, individuality and responsibility. Michael addresses each topic in a straightforward and direct manner, creating a book which challenges beliefs and ways of life in a sometimes controversial manner.  

Michael has had to constantly dig into his experience of challenges faced on the background of leaving behind a life of struggle, at various levels, to emigrate to Europe and to become a practising medical doctor and entrepreneur in the UK to inform his writing. My Rich Prince will appeal to young people seeking honest advice about a number of different issues.

At first, I couldn’t tell much from the title but read the authors’ preview then became curious to know what life issues the author had addressed. I found this book not only interesting but also very informative. Looking at it through a young person’s mind, the author addresses realities that are likely to be faced by a young person, especially those that are different in any way, including say by race or colour. He advises on how to rise above these obstacles and stand out. He teaches young people to celebrate their differences, to learn to say no, to believe in oneself and using examples, demonstrates how this can be achieved. He urges young people to choose which battles to fight as not all battles are worth fighting.
The author builds on in the next chapters to talk about love and relationships. He addresses issues to do with money and urges people to learn how to handle money. I found this chapter very interesting as it is not only addressed to young people but also applies to adults. There is a lot of detail in this which is very educative.
The last chapters talk about being persistent and not confusing it with stubbornness. The book ends on a very important aspect about living life to the fullest. This to me was the highlight of the whole book. It leaves the reader with a sense of achievement and a general feeling of positivity and motivation.
This book uses uncomplicated language which can be easily understood by a layperson. The chapters build on from one stage to another which keeps the reader wanting to know what happens next. The headings create a sense of curiosity. For example where he says ‘wanting to go to heaven, whose heaven’ and or ‘start with the end in mind’.
The fact that it is drawn from real life experiences (not fiction) makes it the more interesting.
Although this book was said to be intended for young readers, I think it addresses a lot of issues that people of all ages go through and I would recommend it to any person of any age. I have in fact recommended it to most people I know.
I personally think I have learnt a lot from this book, despite not being a young person myself.
This is A MUST READ BOOK, and is highly recommended.

by Betty Ochieng

Modern Day Abraham Lincoln's Letter

My rich prince is an exciting narrative. A navigational guide on the journey called life from a father to his young child.
The author addressed issues of money, race, love, relationship, religion, life, death and God in a frank and insightful manner. These are real issues that not only confront young people but adults too. He presents contrasting views on these topics but leaves the choice for the reader. But not without explaining the possible outcome (s) associated with each choice.
Finding fulfilment in life, taking responsibility and enhancing one’s potentials are tied on how one manages the issues he talked about. My rich prince is an excellent parenting tool. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it for every family

by Dr Paul obika

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