Troubador Komino Puzzles

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781788039819

Format: Paperback

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Komino Puzzles


A completely unique logic puzzle book

Logic puzzle book which uses a unique set of logic rules 
to position number pairs like a jigsaw puzzle.
The design elements and logic rules permit a freedom of puzzle layouts.  
There are no other puzzles which have this kind of variety or use this type of logic.

For logical minds, Komino Puzzles combine the essence of a jigsaw puzzle with logic that determines where and how its parts fit together. This helps to make it a completely novel puzzle solving experience. The book contains twelve different puzzle designs and there are 200 puzzles in the book.  

Although the rules are easy to learn, the puzzles can be surprisingly challenging on occasions. Each puzzle has been designed to become progressively harder as you advance through the book. 

There is only one solution for each puzzle, and all the answers along with detailed hints on how the puzzles can be solved are provided at the back of the book. The hints also give an insight into the hidden depths that are possible with these puzzles and this would give experienced puzzle solvers a taste of the challenges that lie inside. 

It is really awesome, I just came accross this book while looking for any puzzle book for my elder boy. Now even I cannot stop myself solving these puzzles but I need to fight for my chances though. Recommend highly.

by Suman Bhattacharya

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