Troubador The Catchpole Curse

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Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781785899843

Format: Paperback

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The Catchpole Curse


Teenagers Ben and Emma share many things with their ancestors, including twins’ communication skills and a curse that has blighted the family for 200 years. And this summer, it seems the curse will exact its final revenge – the destitute Catchpoles will have to sell their beloved Cornish home, Penrose. A fall down an abandoned cliff-top mineshaft brings Ben and Emma face to face with the ghosts of their ancestral twins. They time slip back to the 19th century and are forced by ruthless smugglers to help bring a cargo ashore, which, they discover, contains something far more valuable than merely brandy barrels. At the critical moment, soldiers ambush the smugglers, whose leader, convinced that the Catchpoles betrayed them, curses the family. Ben and Emma come back to the present day and into a media frenzy. They have to contend with a muckraking journalist, a vengeful family descended from the smugglers, an armed robber and parents who don’t understand. The Catchpoles will have to pull together if they are to have any hope of clearing their family’s name and saving Penrose – and reconciling with the family that once cursed their name. The Catchpole Curse is a fast-paced time-slip fantasy that will be enjoyed by children aged 11-14 years. Set in the idyllic Cornish countryside, this book mixes the surreal with the modern day to take the reader on a unique adventure through the Catchpoles’ family history and turbulent present day struggles.

By Veronica Hotchkiss
This review is from: The Catchpole Curse (Paperback)
I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Knight's "Amazing Fishing Stories" (for adults) so was confident in recommending his pre-teen adventure story to a pre-teen of my acquaintance, but thought I should test drive it first! I loved the time travelling twist that forms the heart of this fast-paced novel. Set in present day - and 19th century - Cornwall, it has enough twists and turns to keep the most blasé reader riveted to the very end, while Ben and Emma, the two main protagonists, are an absolute delight. It would be marvellous to meet them again in another spell-binding adventure!

Twins Ben and Emma spend their summer holidays at the ancestral home staying with their uncle Tristan – this is the story of their adventures one summer and their attempts to solve the mystery of the long-held ‘Catchpole Curse’.
The Catchpole Curse is an adventure story set in Cornwall featuring ghosts, time travel and smuggling. It is a well-written and fast-paced novel – a real page-turner. The story stayed with me long after I had finished reading it – highly recommended.

by Debbie Creasy

A well-written adventure novel. Would highly recommend A*


Paul Knight

PAUL KNIGHT has spent most of his working life in fisheries management and conservation, and is presently CEO of Salmon & Trout Conservation UK. He worked for a short time in Cornwall and became embroiled in the county's seascapes and smuggling history, the backdrop of The Catchpole Curse. He writes for various fisheries-related and environmental magazines, and has successfully published a book of angling tales, Amazing Fishing Stories. He lives with his wife, Angela, and son, Archie, in Wiltshire.

Paul Knight

The Catchpole Curse
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