Troubador Witches Brew

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015805

Format: Paperback

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Witches Brew

The Whitborough Novels


The new title in the Whitborough Novels series, following on from Treasure Trove and Mystery City
A murder mystery and supernatural horror comedy. 
The series features an accident prone werewolf and a large cast of very unlucky witches, satanists, petty criminals and policemen.

There’s no rest for the wicked in Witches Brew, the third instalment of the Whitborough Novels. 

Lindsay Boldwood, Yorkshire’s unluckiest werewolf joins the Caravan Club and embarks on a final night of mayhem, pursued by a bandy legged ex-army sniper and a farmer with a very sharp grudge.  

Barnett Crosbie, the Aberdeen mafia’s most dangerous export, finding himself rich and ready for a life abroad, engineers the biggest explosion since the war to cover his tracks and Anarchy Mary spends a night buried in Dalby Forest. 

The Black Hand Coven come out of hiding at an Elvis tribute night, only to be attacked by their pet demon Tetarzepandomestos and a lonely little Parson’s terrier finds a new home...’

I will be selling Treasure trove again, at the Whitby Goth Festival in the Autumn; after a tremendous first appearance in April at Whitby leisure centre, where I sold 127 copies. I have also secured a place in the dealers room at the forthcoming Discworld convention over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

I am compiling a booklet called 'the Whitborough companion' for fans of the books. Which will have photos of local people who have agreed to assume the roles of some of the stories main characters. There will also be pictures and signs representing all the locations featured and more maps and illustrations.

I will also be selling T-shirt designs in the very near future possibly at Oliver's Mount Races and the Download Festival. Book two should be available next March. I'm also appearing at Fantasticon in Hull on the 19th & 20th Nov.

Whitby Gazette

Interesting read. A book with some very dark and accident prone characters. A good comedy thriller with a northern slant. The humour is quite sharp. Worth a few hours of anyone's time.

by Bill Beaumont

Bought on the strength of the cover and the interesting picture gallery of faces inside. There's a great map at the back and a street index of the town with some amusing street names. Usually a sign of a half decent book. Pleased to say this was a worthwhile purchase and really addictive. I'm hooked.

by William Trent

A very unusual and amusing addition to modern Yorkshire fiction. But set in the 1980's. Quite sophisticated and choc full of fabulously wicked, incompetent and devious characters from all social classes and walks of life. Lots of very funny lovely light hearted passages buttressed by some very dry wit. Similar to David Hobbs Reggie Perrin and Peter Kay's Phoenix nights. Very good indeed.

by Tessa Cole

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