Troubador When the Moon was White

Released: 28/09/2022

ISBN: 9781803132365

eISBN: 9781803133362

Format: Paperback/eBook

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When the Moon was White


Many stories have been written about the sixties, the decade of the Moon Race, and this literary novel, serious at its core but whimsical in its prose, takes a unique look at the fate of the moon during that decade.

Samuel Thwaite is looking for a place to put his stamp on. He chooses Goodmews, a laid-back American town known for its bright moon, and persuades the residents to let him establish the world’s first Moon Centre.

NASA funds the Centre, and while Goodmews thrives, Thwaite becomes obsessed with achieving something grander, that will last forever. He enlists a rogue NASA engineer, and together they develop a plan. They will use a moon rocket to spread paint over a giant crater so the moon will no longer look white.

By chance, Banno, the Moon Centre guard, discovers the plan. He knows he should tell someone, but he has signed NASA’s oath of secrecy, and prides himself on keeping his word.

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Jeff Probst

'When the Moon was White' is Jeff Probst's first novel since 'Bachelor Butterflies' ('A strangely compelling narrative', wrote The Sunday Times; 'An atmosphere of anomie with a dash of hope', wrote the poet John Hegley; 'Very wonderfully written... The characters pulled me into their lives', wrote the novelist Tony Peake).

Jeff has had stories and poems published in London, California and South Africa. He is American and has lived in London since 1990 with his South African wife.

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