Troubador Wanderers From The Stars

Released: 28/07/2022

ISBN: 9781803132129

Format: Hardback

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Wanderers From The Stars


Are we quite alone as the owners of our ‘blue planet?’ This is the question a group of scientists ask of themselves when they uncover ancient -- and very unusual -- human remains in their work. They are able to analyse ancient DNA and link it to a veritable lost civilisation -- and with the appearance of flying craft. With their friends, they witness strange lights in the sky and the emission of great heat and radioactivity. 

The truth is out there…and can be uncovered…

Then ‘hold on tight’ as the adventure takes the reader from such homespun evidence as crop circles and information they contain, to the mountains of Nepal where they encounter – of all things – the Yeti; and via the scientific laboratories of the United States, to the Mexican jungle, where a proverbial lost tribe awaits. Later, they encounter a visiting alien civilisation on a quest which they must satisfy at all costs. Inevitably, the latter’s higher state of wisdom is compared to our own modern morality and our future questioned.

All this, and more!

With a wide cast of journalists, academics, enigmatic computer hackers, an eccentric clergyman and an assortment of villains, Wanderers from the Stars is an enjoyable, educational and enlightening story of adventure and science for fans of the ‘lost world’ genre, and is astute from modern cultural perspectives.

Wanderers from the Stars, a 'lost world' novel, is due out on 28th July.
'Lost World' novels are stories of voyages under the sea or around the world, of novel means of flight, undiscovered continents, space or time travel, and of lost tribes in inaccessible places. The genre was made popular in the early 20th century by such authors as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, H. Rider Haggard and Dennis Wheatley, all of whose works have inspired the present author.

With Wanderers from the Stars, CM Chadwick has written just such a tale. It features an enigmatic scientist and an eccentric clergyman, a lost tribe, crop circles with hidden information, lights in the sky, a strange hollow meteorite, unusual DNA in ancient palaeontological remains, unidentified flying craft and even a cameo appearance by the Yeti. It is set in diverse places: the Thames Valley, the South African veldt, the Mountains of Nepal and in the Mexican jungle. The story is fast-moving and a veritable adventure trail.

The author has written this story for the purpose of simple entertainment in the hope that as an accessible adventure story, it can be considered to continue the 'lost world' genre with a contemporary theme.

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C.M Chadwick

Wanderers from the Stars is C M Chadwick's second novel. The author spent many years in scientific research and education and has also published several scientific books and papers. His interests are in gardening and the allotment and he is an avid reader of novels.

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