Troubador These Spells

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016734

Format: Paperback

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These Spells


A poetic novel set in a stormy, supernatural world. 
A gothic vision of love and loss. 
A dark and abstract fantasy.

In the centre of everywhere, in the middle of nowhere, between quantum and zen; below and above the All, gods play, ghosts shuffle, lovers separate between life and death, chaos assembles as skies redden, and the web that holds them all together - continues to tighten.  

Two lovers in opposing worlds slowly re-experience the fragmented moments that have bought them to a vague and dangerous realm. Drifting between various states of semi-consciousness he remembers a kiss, and the storm that followed. She rests, lifeless beside him, half buried in the dark, damp earth.  

This search for her spirit discovers a darker place, but he is quickly ushered away by a shadowy form called ‘Whisperer’.  

In the background a handful of other players, including a rook, work at the threads of destiny to deprive Whisperer of his new bride.  

Red skies and phantom horses dominate their progress. Liberation, however, finally unravels in the vast courts of the Creator. 

 Very soon two new stars will appear in the evening sky.

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