Troubador The Awakening Aten

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018752

eISBN: 9781838599027

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Awakening Aten


The Awakening Aten envelops the reader in an Egypt of whispers and fears, of webs within webs, deceit upon deceit. Its themes of murder, intrigue, political and religious conflict, corruption, tomb robbing, war and executions are set against a background of fundamental ideological change.  

Ancient Egypt is seen through the eyes of two families; one royal, the other commoner. Yuya, whose tomb is in the Valley of the Kings, is a foreigner who rises from slavery to become Regent to an infant Pharaoh and thus, the most powerful man in the world’s wealthiest empire. His children and descendants will remain at the very heart of the country’s destiny. Kha is a tomb painter and builder who experiences both the despair of imprisonment and the horror of war. As Overseer of the King’s Works he restores the Great Sphinx, and inscribes the ‘Dream Stela’ placed between its paws, still visible today. Through tragic and deathly events his family and that of Yuya become entwined.  

This is the fictional tale of real people, whose possessions and artefacts can be seen in museums throughout the world. It gives a voice to those people, inspired by their personal items, buried with them 3,000 years ago.

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Aidan K. Morrissey

A lawyer by profession and an amateur Egyptologist by passion, I have spent many months visiting museums throughout the world and in Egypt, studying the funereal valleys of kings, nobles and workers. Kha's possessions in Turin museum, inspired me to give voice to his life and those of his contemporaries.

I have an infatiguable love of literature and enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

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