Troubador The Adventures of Periwinkle Pig

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800461130

Format: Paperback

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The Adventures of Periwinkle Pig


A piglet sets off to discover the world.

From being a very little piglet, Periwinkle had been fascinated by books of maps and by stories of faraway places and people. When he leaves school he sets off to travel to find places that haven’t even been discovered yet. He hopes that maybe he might even find a new country that would then be named after him.

He decides to head first to Egypt which sounds a fascinating place and must surely be near to undiscovered places. He has planned his route carefully and knows that first he has to get to the south coast of England and find a boat to take him across the English Channel.

He waves goodbye to his family and friends and sets off, taking with him a duffel bag full of things that he just knows will be useful to an explorer, including a seemingly never-ending supply of sandwiches and a gadget with a needle that always points to the north, no matter how many times he turns it around to try to make it dizzy.

Periwinkle is a cheerful and friendly little piglet and meets many interesting creatures as he walks along the country lanes.

He is surprised to find just how easy it is to have adventures if you’re an exploring piglet.

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