Troubador Priscilla Puppy Is Afraid of Everything!

Released: 28/07/2022

ISBN: 9781838593025

Format: Hardback

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Priscilla Puppy Is Afraid of Everything!

Dr. Madeleine Vieira’s Anxiety Disorder Series I'M AFRAID


Priscilla has a BIG problem. She’s AFRAID of everything. She worries about school work, making mistakes, and even worries about worrying. What’s even worse is she’s missing out on things she’d like to do, such as performing in front of an audience.

Her good friend Ollie Owl has an idea. Priscilla can overcome one of her fears by setting a goal. Taking several small steps toward that goal will help her achieve it. Wanting to play her violin in the school talent show, Priscilla agrees. As the steps become more difficult, Priscilla has to gather more and more courage to accomplish each one.

Can Priscilla achieve each step and overcome her fear even though sometimes her heart pounds and her stomach feels queasy?

Through storytelling, Dr. Madeleine Vieira’s I’M AFRAID Anxiety Disorder Series teaches children to manage their anxiety symptoms. This book focuses on Generalized Anxiety and includes an About Anxiety page along with a Coping Strategies page and a Stepladder page. Parents and mental health professionals will appreciate this series aimed at relieving children’s anxiety symptoms.

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