Troubador Nothing Sacred

Released: 28/06/2022

ISBN: 9781803131566

eISBN: 9781803139098

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Nothing Sacred

A divine comedy


Meet Earl Grey. Earl is a down-to-earth (and down on his luck) small-time Canadian newspaper reporter. Earl’s a bit of an unreliable mess but loveable all the same. Thankfully, the omniscient third-person narrator is there to help pull Earl along and make sure he turns up where he’s meant to be.

Much to his total lack of surprise, Earl is about to have a very weird week.

Following his unexpected appointment to the role of media liaison with God Himself, after the (alleged) Almighty’s earth-shattering arrival in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2005, Earl’s life is about to undergo a massive course correction. But, as usual, he’ll have to figure it all out for himself.

With Earl’s immediate dispatch to America’s canyon state to interview this “God” (found near-dead in the nearby desert, dressed in an Armani suit) and re-introduce Him to the world, our intrepid yet cynical reporter is quick to meet a veritable feast of loveable – and despicable – characters, all of whom are not entirely what they seem. With the very survival of humankind at stake, Earl must uncover John Doe’s true identity before His time on earth runs out. In doing so, maybe, just maybe, Earl will discover himself in the process.

Nothing Sacred - A divine comedy. COMING May 28, 2022

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Martin Featherston

Before belly-flopping into the deep end of the writing pool, Martin moderately enjoyed a career as a corporate executive and part-time lecturer at Montreal's McGill University.

Now, free from politically correct corporate-speak and the obligation to wear pants, he writes short stories and fictional novels from his home in Canada.

Born in Rugby, England, Martin was snatched from the crib and quickly immersed in all facets of British humour. He spent his childhood looking for the meaning of life through a lens dominated by Goodies, Pythons, and Galactic Hitchhikers. It should be no surprise that, as a grown man, his global perspective remains a tad bent.

Martin is currently sequestered in a sparsely populated village in Ontario, Canada, where he is outnumbered by cows. As such, he has embraced a dietary policy of 'no red meat' to pacify the more militant bovines in the neighbourhood. His hobbies include Amateur Radiology, Ardvarkian Philosophy, and collecting pottery-based weapons.

Martin is a citizen of both the U.K and Canada and plans to leave everything to his Great Grandfather.

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