Troubador Merve the Forgetful Mouse

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838594497

eISBN: 9781838595906

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Merve the Forgetful Mouse


Merve, the mouse, is very forgetful. 

He loves to run about the house that he lives in, but it takes him ages to find his way back to his nest in the attic. 

Will his Mummy and Daddy ever find him if he gets lost?  

Will he frighten Miss Sillyfog, the owner of the house? 

Will he get caught by Marmite the dog or Marmalade the cat? 

 What can he do to find his way back safely?

Merve is a forgetful mouse who can't find his way home. It becomes an adventure when dog and cat. I thought this was a cute story, and i loved the use of color in the text.

by NetGalley review

I love books like these. They make me want to be a child all over again and enjoy it even more. I love the art style in this one. I think it's fun yet very simple, which makes it fun and fast to read for the reader. The age group is definitely young because of the way it's written, and it's clear by the words used that this is not for older readers which I can appreciate, since I have too read children's books where there were words that I didn't even understand, let alone a child who is 6. Anyhow that wasn't the case in this one which I was very happy about.

The story itself was very fun. The mouse Merve has trouble finding his way back home because he's simply just so forgetful. And you read about what he experience on his way back. Simple story, but yet very enjoyable.

by Jolien

Merve the mouse lives with his parents in Miss Sillyfog's attic, along with her cat and dog. He is an adventurous mouse who loves to explore, but has trouble finding his way back to the attic at the end of the day. To avoid being caught by the other inhabitants of the house, Merve curls up into a tiny ball.. When Merve's mum calls to him, he hurries toward her voice, running through an open paint tray, leaving footprints leading to the attic. When his mum asks how Merve will learn to find his way home, he tells her that he will follow the footprints leading him home.

Verdict: I would purchase this book for KN-2nd grade classrooms to add to the leveled reading baskets. It has repetitive high frequency sight words and words with basic phonetic rules. This is a fun book for children that are developing their reading skills.

by Tina Athaide

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