Troubador Just a Bunch of Flowers

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800464469

Format: Paperback

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Just a Bunch of Flowers


Everyone loves a conspiracy theory, especially Polly. Her mind is always bursting with questions, possibilities and scenarios both real and imagined. "Was it an accident or was Robert murdered? How does Edna get her flapjacks to taste so good?" Whilst Polly's imagination mirrors her chaotic daily life, her best friend Sarah is the down to earth, grounded, calming influence. Edna, of the flapjack fame, runs the local flower club with an iron fist. Organised and regimented she takes the Cake Rota most seriously. Lizzy couldn't care less about cakes. Give her a bit of juicy gossip anytime. The mistress of the Chinese whisper, Lizzy's version and the truth are miles apart.

Amy is Polly's arch-enemy. As her long suffering husband knows, flowers are Amy's life. She loves competing at shows and usually wins them. Her meticulous attention to detail being the complete antithesis to Polly's rather haphazard methods, she cannot help gloating and enjoys seeing Polly squirm. Polly, imagining Amy is resorting to dirty tricks, is determined to beat her at her own game. The kind-hearted soul that is Margery is always ready to offer her well-meaning if misguided help. The home-made herbal concoctions she hands out freely to her friends give her life purpose, but she fails to recognise the implications.

Whoever thought flower-arranging could be so dramatic. After all, it's just a bunch of flowers.

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