Troubador Inferno inside You

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789014600

eISBN: 9781789019490

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Inferno inside You

The Comedy Project Part 1


Part one of The Comedy Project – an edition which will be six parts in all. Be introduced to Dante’s world in this beautifully illustrated, modern re-imagining of his work.

Dante called his chapters songs, and this book contains the first 17 songs of The Comedy Project, which make up the first half of the Inferno inside You. Traditionally Dante’s journey is considered to be a vision of the afterlife. The reason why people today still read his Comedy is that it is relevant to our real, present-life journeys.

Written as both an extraordinary saga and art book, Inferno Inside You transports readers into some of the remarkable stories which were a vital part of Dante’s imagination. The journey that begins with this book will show readers aspects of life that are hidden, and rarely touched upon by other writers.

Meet leopards, three-headed dogs, and centaurs, a lion, a wolf and a monster. Uncover questions that were unique 700 years ago in the early Renaissance – and discover that they are even more relevant today. It is about people, and the greed and envy of our world – and about love.

Peter Jobling takes us on a creative literary journey, drawing on one of my all-time favorite texts. I would gladly use this book in a course about poetry or in a class looking into comparative literature. It's also a damn good reading experience.

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This is a new walk through Dantes Inferno. In this creative rendition, you get to walk through the realms under a new light, with added intricate art. Their haunting disposition adds another layer to the adventure that is Inferno Inside You. To sum this work up into two words, I'd say 'Eerily breathtaking'

by Andrea

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