Troubador Igor and the Twisted Tales of Castlemaine

Released: 28/07/2022

ISBN: 9781803132068

eISBN: 9781803139180

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Igor and the Twisted Tales of Castlemaine


Whatever happened to Igor? 

Following decades of torture at the hands of his cruel master Victor Frankenstein, the once-downtrodden and pathetic Igor finally rises up and walks out on Victor, in the hope of finding a fulfilling life-less-ordinary elsewhere.

Instead, something wicked his way came, and Igor finds his way to Castlemaine, an accursed village nestled deep in the Carpathian Mountains, where terrors stalk the waking world and ale is more expensive than in London. Among the perverted inhabitants and spooky-goings-on, Igor meets Esmerelda, the beautiful but occasionally violent daughter of Castlemaine’s homicidal innkeeper. Together, they find themselves in a whole heap of eerie trouble, fighting dark forces and demons, murderers, mediums and monsters, spirits and zombies, and, naturally, a very disturbing nun, all in the form of five neatly packaged adventures.

The authors’ ingenious mix of the classic and the original, the subtle and the overt, creates a book that hardened horror buffs and sacrificial virgins alike will come back to enjoy again and again!

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Ian J Walls and Richard L Markworth

Ian J Walls is a photographer and a writer. In 2008, he became a regular contributor to the comedy website, Newsbiscuit, and later, a founding member of the satirical blog The Evening Harold. Some of the articles Ian wrote for Newsbiscuit were featured in their anniversary book, 15 Years of Typos, published in 2020.

Richard L Markworth is a writer, actor and filmmaker. Amongst other work, Richard wrote, as well as produced, directed and acted in, two short films: Carrigan Wakes (2019) and Across the Landing (2020). Richard occasionally contributes his opinionated reviews of cult movies to the Spooky Isles website.

Ian J Walls

Richard L Markworth
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